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  1. I apologize, I am not up-to-speed on the current forum etiquette. Thank you for bringing that to light.
  2. I disagree. Maybe that is exactly what Kal had to go through to progress his story. Where would he be now if he didn't experience the pain and guilt that accompanied Tien's "death"? That experience may have been a necessary catalyst to put him in position to be greater than he otherwise would have been. The revelation that Tien is alive could advance the story in ways we have never thought possible. I hope there are teeth to this. I think it's really interesting to contemplate what this could mean.
  3. This is a very interesting discussion. Long have I thought that there was more to Tien's story than BS has given to us. Yet I ponder as to how this would advance the storyline for the subsequent events? I would like to hear from the OP as to how they feel this could advance the story - assuming this theory could very well come to fruition. Obviously the insights are peculiar, but to what end? Thoughts?
  4. My head just exploded.
  5. Thank you for sharing this. I really enjoyed it.
  6. This thread has gone way over my head. But I love it.
  7. Vax

    I have never thought of it like that before.
  8. I can't get enough of these memes. Keep them coming.
  9. I love this idea.
  10. I can't wait that long. This is killing me.
  11. Hahaha, these are so hilarious. I love it.
  12. Interesting thoughts. I like where this is headed.