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  1. Ire

    I am a bit late to this, but I don't think it is a given that any Elantrian that enters the pool near Elantris automatically becomes part of the Ire. The Ire seem to be a group, and I would expect that an Elantrian would be able to join, but could refuse if they want. We just don't really know enough yet.
  2. Ooo, good point.
  3. Sort of weird that no one is able to "push" stormlight into it though right? Not even Dalinar. That suggests to me that a Highstorm wouldn't charge it either, and that some other mechanism is involved.
  4. I am wondering if perhaps the gemstone pillar in Urithiru was directly infused by Cultivation. This would be similar to how Odium seems to provide Voidlight directly to the Fused, or how the Heralds were powered directly by Honor when he still lived.
  5. I generally agree that Nohadon was probably a Bondsmith, although I think it's a bit weird that the Stormfather wouldn't have mentioned that as he certainly would have been aware of that info if it were true. Bondsmiths do seem to be the most likely to have been leaders or kings, so that part checks out. Also, welcome to the forums!
  6. Oh wow I just looked this up, of course I knew of Riino but I had no idea it was confirmed he was a member of the Ire! Thank you for this, very interesting.
  7. For me personally, even though I think they are really cool, I would have to go with the Sleepless. An entire person (or... something else) made out of bugs?? Gross man.
  8. I have always thought it was like this: 16% of Scadrians have Allomantic potential, however that 16% require varying levels of anguish in order to Snap, and so they will also have varying levels of Allomantic ability in terms of power. Now what I'm curious about is if the 16% rule still holds true in the post-catacendre era, where the mixing of Feruchemical and Allomantic bloodlines has reached its lower limit.
  9. So Elantris was built as an amplifier for the power of the Dor which is present in that location - the Dor being the Splintered remains of Devotion and Dominion in the cognitive realm. This would make leaving via that shardpool very difficult, I would think.
  10. You are certainly correct on this one, but it's just so.. evil. I am also wondering exactly how much experimentation would be required to correctly steal the attributes you want from someone - didn't Rashek experiment with it for hundreds of years and only find a few new bind-points?
  11. This is exactly the type of stuff I am wondering about. I feel like, unless things go terribly horribly wrong on Roshar, there is a good chance of some people of Scadrian heritage eventually settling there. I agree, there's definitely some awesome power combo potential there, we just might have to wait a while to see it..
  12. I have been thinking a lot recently about the future of the Cosmere, 20-30 or so real-life years from now when we are deep into Era 4 Mistborn, Space Age Cosmere type stuff. The most interesting thing to me being, what are some of the future implications of the magic that we see right now, and how will the magic / tech we see right now evolve in the future? Allow me to explain. - The Ones Above from Sixth of the Dusk as an example of an obscured technology/application of magic. In Sixth, the Ones Above traveled to the planet through interstellar space - this is already unusual for the Cosmere as we know it, as far as worldhopping goes. We then see this unidentified civilization or group use technology to achieve magic-centric results (In this case, a translation device that can also search for Aviar.) -This is it could be a variety of planets - For example, this could be fabrial technology from Roshar, or an evolution of the medallion tech from Scadrial, or it could be a pure technology invention from somewhere like Taldain. ([1] [2]) What we do know, is that the Ones Above are in fact a group we have met before. ([1] [2] [3]) - Breaths from Nalthis can be used to give objects sentience, even objects that were never alive in the first place (the classic example of Nightblood, a Type IV Awakened entity.) This could, as others have postulated, lead to the creation of a computer that is truly alive. How would an Awakened computer differ from an AI construct, physically, spiritually, and in the cognitive realm? - Stormlight Archive occurs relatively early in the timeline of the Cosmere, and we know from this wob that "It's technically possible to make [shardblades] from other magic systems). We have demonstrable evidence of this in the case of the shardblades of Nalthian origin, but this is a good indication of other things as well. Could a Seon, perhaps, become a shardblade? (Hint: the answer appears to be yes (wob)). - We haven't even started on the Sleepless, who are "not confined to Roshar" ([1] [2]) and "will have a major role in Era 4" (3). My theory for them is that the Sleepless will be used as some sort of instantaneous communication network in the physical realm, for spaceships and such. If that theory holds true, I think it lends support that the Ones Above are, in fact, Rosharan. So, I want to hear your theories on what seemingly innocuous thing in the Cosmere will have bigger implications in the Space Age Era. Put on your aluminum foil hat and just start typing. Thanks for reading!