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  1. Just a little thing to add. - The Way of Kings, Chapter 2
  2. Lately I have been thinking about the two brands of Fused that we have not yet seen on screen - Tension & Division. I believe this is intentional by Brandon, as I don’t think we have seen any Knight Radiants use these powers either, but today I would like to discuss what each brand of Fused might look like and how they might utilize their powers. Tension I can imagine a Tension fused having long, tentacle-like protrusions from their arms that are quite floppy. They could whip this “tentacle” at any enemy, wrapping it around them, and then use Tension to stiffen it, trapping their foe. Another arm could be swung to the side, where the tentacle is stiffened in order to act like a blade. The Fused could then stab or slice at their trapped foe. I could also see this same method being applied, but instead of carapace, it is long hair that is used, like how the Nex-im uses hair as clothing-wrap when they reform their bodies. Alternatively, perhaps this brand of Fused wears specific clothing, like how the Heavenly Ones nearly always appear in long, flowing robes. I imagine this clothing to be cut into many strips, not unlike a mistcloak, than can then be stiffened and used to trap or attack enemies as I have described above. I would imagine that, especially if these Fused use hair or carapace with their surge, they would not “use up” much Voidlight, and are able to fight indefinitely. If clothing is used as a weapon, they would perhaps need to recharge periodically. The overall appearance of these “Ones of Tension” would really depend on if it is hair or carapace that is used with the surge, or perhaps not at all. I am not going to speculate too much on this, but I encourage others to do so. Division I imagine Division Fused as having a sort of “heavy plate” version of carapace, such that it covers their entire body, leaving only a slit for the eyes, the palms of the hands, and the soles of the feet uncovered. They would sort of be opposite of the Makay-im in this way. The reasoning for this would be to protect them from the explosions and physical destruction that they could cause. Under this heavy carapace they are protected from shrapnel & partially from shockwaves. This thick carapace would not conduct electricity well, and would provide some measure of insulation from fire or other great heat. I am not sure what this type of Fused would do specifically with their surge, but I would guess it is like the Heavenly Ones, and that it is not very much changed from the version of the surge that the Knights Radiant can access. They can degrade and burn both living & nonliving material, they can almost certainly create fire and lightning, and may be able to cause small (or large) explosions. I expect that since applications of this surge are typically external, this brand of Fused would need to recharge Voidlight similarly to the Nex-im. What do you think about about these Fused we have yet to see? Fingers crossed they show up in Stormlight 5.
  3. So, here's my thought process. 16 years before Alloy of Law, Harmony sends Lessie to meet Wax. Shadows of Self occurs 1 year after AoL, and that is when Wax states "I'm not Harmony's hands, I'm His sword." Bands of Mourning occurs 6 months after SoS. I would imagine The Lost Metal takes place shortly after BoM, less than a year in my estimate. So for the events we are concerned with in Era 2, this is a total time period of 18 years, roughly. Harmony and Hoid have the conversation about Harmony crafting a sword in RoW, SA5 happens basically immediately after, then there is a roughly 20 year time skip between SA5 and SA6. Era 2 will occur either during the time skip, or shortly thereafter. Perhaps SA6 or even SA7, but we just don't know yet. I think that leaves plenty of time for the timeline to workout as I stated above.
  4. I totally agree. I thought this during basically the entire time Kelek was onscreen in RoW - I couldn't help but think that this guy talks like he is from modern day Earth. I sort of imagined him just smacking gum the entire time he was talking, too (that's not canon tho obviously haha).
  5. Yes, Lessie and Wax met 16 years before the events of Alloy of Law. Huh. A significant number for Scadrial. I never noticed that before.
  6. And canonically, Wax saying this would occur after Harmony had this discussion with Hoid about 'crafting a sword'. The timeline isn't set in stone yet, but I believe that at this point when Hoid & Harmony are exchanging letters Wax would be a young man in the Roughs trying to prove himself as a lawman. Strong evidence for Wax being the sword Harmony speaks of, I think.
  7. Thank you! A side effect of me starting a twitter bot for cosmere quotes is that I have a seemingly encyclopedic knowledge of quotes. This one immediately popped to mind when I read your theory. Again, great post. I think you're right on the money here.
  8. "The world ended, and Shallan was to blame." - Words of Radiance, Chapter 10. Great theory.
  9. I think I tend to side with you on this: we know the “Child of Tanavast” thing is significant, and people seem to think it implies genetic ancestry to the Vessel, but I am of the opinion (especially with some new context in Rhythm of War) that it instead refers to Kaladin’s disposition. Kaladin is extremely Honorable, very close to Tanavast’s chosen Intent, and this is what the Stormfather is referring to.
  10. Happy Birthday! :)

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  11. I’m not sure I see your connection between the discarded shells and Kaladin. I believe this to be more of flavor text - crustaceans are very normal to Rosharans, their metaphors would reflect that. I wouldn’t look too deep into it. However, a connection between Kaladin and Honor... I believe Kaladin is the only one that the Stormfather refers to as a “Child of Tanavast” instead of a “Child of Honor”. Now that could be significant.
  12. I agree with this. Szeth doesn’t have the same length of contact with Nightblood as someone like Vasher, so he may not notice an oddness in Nightblood’s intoxication level. And as Karger said, it’s not as if Nightblood would really be able tell that something weird happened either.
  13. We truly are collectively losing our minds, are we not? What will we all do in the 10 year time gap between SA5 and SA6? I shudder to imagine
  14. Hello. Prepare to be sad, because the theory I am about to lay out is not a happy one. I have outlined the bones of this theory as a comment on another post, but I hope to put it together here in a more readable and cohesive format. I do hope no one has put forth this theory before, though I did not see it when I searched. Here we go. We have seen many Death Rattles come to pass, and I will not touch on those for now. We have a few that do not seem to have happened yet, and I think a few of them are related. The Death Rattles I think are connected are intertwined in two complimentary theories. 1. Dalinar will fail the Contest of Champions and become a Fused. 2. Post-SA5, Odium will preside (perhaps as the sole Shard) over a ruined Roshar, where a rainstorm without end covers the continent. Let’s begin with the appropriate Death Rattles: This Death Rattle is the core of my theory. Odium will appoint a “suckling child” as his Champion, and in order to win the Contest, Dalinar would have to kill the child. According to the terms of the agreement, if Dalinar kills Odium’s Champion, Odium will be sealed on Braize, which is what the “gaining us further breath to draw” refers to. This implies my predicted ending to the Contest - that Dalinar cannot bring himself to kill Odium’s champion, and so Odium wins. Night reigns. I believe this is also a reference not specifically to the Contest of Champions, but to Odium ruling over Roshar. And now, a quote from RoW from Rayse-Odium: Now, Dalinar does have to die in order to become a Fused - I am not sure exactly how this will play out. I doubt this “child” will be capable of killing Dalinar, but it could be that Dalinar eventually dies of natural causes and at that point joins the Fused. I believe, however, that Dalinar will become a Fused at the point of the Contest of Champions, death or not. The consequences of Dalinar becoming a Fused will be dire - I think that this will directly or indirectly cause the death of the Stormfather. Without the Stormfather to guide the highstorm, I believe it will cease to exist, being replaced by a constant rainstorm that brings no Stormlight. Two Death Rattles that I think refer to this event: This is highlighting not only Odium’s victory, but also the never ending storm & the slow failing of gemstones that will not be renewed. This Death Rattle shows the confidence that Dalinar’s party felt going into the Contest - and the immediate betrayal when they are outmaneuvered. This is tenuous, but I also believe that the lamentations of “Stormfather” are not curses, but are longingly calling for a being who no longer exists. “They come, rasping” refers to the Fused & Singer armies, which Odium will not hold back from attempting to destroy the Knights Radiant. Lights failing, of course, refers to Radiants using the Stormlight and it not being renewed by the highstorm. This, I presume, is from Dalinar’s perspective. The waters surging beneath are from the never-ending storm, and the child crying is Odium’s champion. Dalinar is weeping for.. obvious reasons. And finally ... Honor is dead, and Cultivation is either dead or beyond caring at this point. Taravangian rules. Odium reigns. (How is Taravangian the Broken One? I admit that I am unsure. I concede that the “broken one” could refer instead to someone who imperfectly reassembles the pieces of a Shard. Someone like Dalinar. It is difficult to say at this point.) I suspect that may have come off as a little disjointed, let me lay out the full theory more clearly: Rayse-Odium’s grand plan is for Roshar to serve as a training ground for an army that will conquer the Cosmere. This army needs to be strong not only to attack, but also to defend: the Surges are incredibly powerful, and Stormlight is an easily renewable source of free Investiture. This makes Roshar a very valuable target. Rayse-Odium meant to strike first, conquer the Cosmere before they knew what was happening. Ideally, Dalinar is instrumental in this plan as a Fused Blackthorn. Taravangian-Odium’s plans are a little bit more careful. He still needs Dalinar as a Fused, and he also needs a strong and hardened people to battle against others in the Cosmere. To that end, he will let the Fused and the Radiant coalition duke it out on the planet even after he has won. A constant war only does him good - the two people will only strengthen as time goes on, like two knives sharpened against one another. Furthermore, by destroying the Stormfather (and therefore the Highstorm), he takes away the thing that makes Roshar so valuable to those who would wish to conquer it - easy Investiture. Because he can provide Voidlight freely to those he wishes, this resource is not stolen nearly as easily. Dalinar as a commander of the Fused will travel from planet to planet, conquering those he cannot pacify with diplomacy. Odium needs an army of more than just Roshar, after all. I believe this is how the Stormlight Archive will proceed going forward - Odium ruling over the planet, and the Radiants adapting in some way to this new environment. One last thing. I would like to include a very interesting tidbit from the Rhythm of War release event, which is available here on youtube. This evidence is from a reading of the eventual Sixth of the Dusk sequel, and is obviously unpublished and not-canon. For these reasons, I will hide it behind spoiler tags. Please read at your own risk. However, I do think the implications are ... interesting. Sixth of the Dusk Sequel Spoilers (unpublished) Thank you, as always, for reading. I hope you find this theory thought-provoking and wish to hear your criticisms in the comments.
  15. I’m not sure how much of this we are allowed to discuss, so I will put it under spoilers for Dragonsteel (Unpublished). Mods, please feel free to strike me down like the poor sod I am. Dragonsteel: