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  1. So, I have some questions on whether or not the Shard on this planet was splintered or not.
  2. Hoo boy, ya got me, I think. Your way of looking at it and this most recently posted argument gives me nowhere to turn. I concede, I guess it is evil. Nice.
  3. bro you wanna start your own feed.
  4. Cool, that's neat.
  5. Thanks, I'll go read that right now.
  6. Third book?
  7. Ah. So it's less a Perpendicularity and more an enormous amount of Investiture. Gotcha.
  8. Found the spoiler tab, thanks. And I am aware of Sixth of the dusk, I know it a lot later, but the fellow I was chatting with has only read Mistborn. Anyways, thanks for that. When do we see hoid and Harmony communicate?
  9. reALLY? No way! If that's the case, then... wow. Ok, that opens an endless opportunity for different things. Is there a finite number of perpendicularities that shards can have?
  10. So, uh.... you know how the era two books are later in the cosmere than anything else? And after the stormlight archive? Well here's my theory: (I don't know how to hide text but there are spoilers, so I wrote the spoilers in white. drag over it to see it.) I don't know, but Odiom was trapped on roshar and has corrupted other parts of that magic system, including the splinters. SO, I deduce that Odium somehow made it to Scadral and created his own Kandra, and STUFF, but that scares me a lot. WHAT HAPPENED TO DALINAR?
  11. Ah. I understand. That makes sense. I gatchu. At the same time, I think then means it's more neutral than anything, right? Like what your saying makes sense, but it still relies on the fact that the people running the system are evil. It sounds less like a vicious design, and more like a doctrinal flaw. It would be a good system if the leader was good, and a bad system when the leaders are bad. Like a dictatorship. And we know that every religion has it's fanatics that could define them as evil.
  12. That actually sounds plausible, but then how did Dalinar create Honor's perpendicularity? Did he just take the Perpendicularity from the Shin?
  13. See, there it is. They say the word of Wyrn is Revelation, but How does anyone know he's not just saying that their God is telling them to do something that he just wants them to do? Because the Patriarch in the Korathi Religion, as it said in the book, was just appointed to rival the youth and handsomeness of Wyrn, and has no REAL knowledge of use in the Korathi religion. He just has nice hair and a smile that says he knows more than he actually does. Not saying all religious leaders are fops, but, Ya know, when your religious leader says to commit genocide... Listen, I'm not saying that all the people in Derethi are good, I'm just saying that the religion itself, with is occupied my mostly bad dudes, isn't inherently bad.
  14. From the album My favorite characters

    The mad lad Kaladin holding is SylSpear.

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