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  1. goodjobilikeit >:(
  2. your art is not bad its good silly bravo
  3. aaah
  4. Yeah, you pretty much hit the nail on the head. Also, I wanna try to point out that Goold ole st00gy and I are fast friends, so any condescension you might have felt from me to the new lad was purely brotherly advice.
  5. Gentleman Jak, i guess
  6. So, I have some questions on whether or not the Shard on this planet was splintered or not.
  7. Hoo boy, ya got me, I think. Your way of looking at it and this most recently posted argument gives me nowhere to turn. I concede, I guess it is evil. Nice.
  8. bro you wanna start your own feed.
  9. Cool, that's neat.
  10. Thanks, I'll go read that right now.
  11. Third book?
  12. Ah. So it's less a Perpendicularity and more an enormous amount of Investiture. Gotcha.
  13. Found the spoiler tab, thanks. And I am aware of Sixth of the dusk, I know it a lot later, but the fellow I was chatting with has only read Mistborn. Anyways, thanks for that. When do we see hoid and Harmony communicate?
  14. reALLY? No way! If that's the case, then... wow. Ok, that opens an endless opportunity for different things. Is there a finite number of perpendicularities that shards can have?