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  1. First in the Morning Alensha Magnolia-daughter-Lori Peacesinger Melody Amaranth
  2. I posted this in another place but I think it would fit better in here. SPOILERS FOR WAY OF KINGS AND WORDS OF RADIANCE! Enjoy!
  3. I was listening to Panic! at the Disco and one of the lyrics caught my attention... Song is Victorious if you're interested
  4. Granted, but you always forget what you were going to say when you start to type anything. I wish I was a worldhopper.
  5. There is, unfortunately, a webcomic called Order of the Stick at the moment. Google it someday, it's great.
  6. Granted, but it's on a broken debit card. I wish to talk to hoid for an hour.
  7. Granted. Your hands each turn into a fork and a knife. I wish for magic powers.
  8. Granted. You are suddenly strictly vegetarian and cannot eat the bacon. I wish for a spren to be my friend.
  9. Hnnnn I hate how my brother acts like he's god's gift to the universe all the time-
  10. I absolutely love chocolate.
  11. Rebecca, My favorites so far are Hoid (obviously), Kaladin, and Pattern. Thank you for your recommendations for RP! Anomalee, I am a stick, obviously. (Also the Wandersail)
  12. Hello! I'm sopranospren! I'm new to this world, my friend recommended Way of Kings to me and I loved it! I'm currently reading Words of Radiance, please no spoilers! I'm planning on reading the rest of the Cosmere books, once I finish Oathbringer. I'm also an avid roleplayer, and am looking for some fun RP to join!
  13. Under the description of the Illumination surge, it says it is the surge of "light, sound, and various wave forms." Going by this description, can we conclude that Lightweavers can manipulate microwaves? And therefore are just walking microwaves with the power to heat things up?