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  1. I thought it was interesting that Hoid seemed poised to "zap" the Sorceress, and talked about them fighting like it could actually happen. Like... can Hoid hurt people now? Did he somehow change his spirit web? He even talks about killing her, and it is entertained by her, at least, as a real possibility.
  2. Szeth is my favorite Sanderson character. Hands down. Has been since book 1.
  3. Knight/Keeper of Wordless Truth. A book about the cleansing of Shinovar, as Mentioned earlier. Szeth would likely not feel the need to talk to and explain to the people he's cleaning, and yet they'd all know what truth he was pounding into them--so it could definitely be a wordless truth
  4. That makes a lot of sense. I had similar thoughts, but couldn't flesh them out as much. It's been awhile since I read the original trilogy. I actually trimmed that post down a lot, because there are so many questions that Lifeforce and Deathrise give rise to. It feels like there's an explanation in there somewhere, and when it's revealed it will make a lot more sense. That was just the biggest piece of my question. Another big piece is that usually, when an epic gifts their powers, it helps to diminish their own darkness, which also doesn't seem to be the case for Lifeforce. Which could be because he lets himself get injured so frequently, or just be the way he let his own psyche change, or be from Deathrise. So many questions and makes me happy, and also confused. I also wondered if Deathrise came about from so many epic powers, and so much of the darkness, mingling together. Like, maybe they played off of each other and exacerbated the darkness into something stronger than the original, that couldn't be removed just by the departure of Calamity.
  5. I made my first post in 3 years today! It wasn't intentional, but I looked to see, and it was exactly three years since the last time I posted. 

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  6. Oh my gosh. I haven't posted for three years until today. (Exactly, which I actually didn't notice). And this thread's still going! I'm impressed, and glad of it. Although I'm not going to even try to catch up on everything that's happened since I posted back on page 72...
  7. So...did Lux just change the way that gifters work? In previous books, gifters were unable to gift their powers to other epics, yet in Lux, each of the four other epics we meet on Lux have been gifted Lifeforce's healing, and used it to save their lives. (On that, is Lovestruck still alive? Or did years of constant starvation kill her, like it did others? Or did the transfer to Paige stop the rebound?) Anyway, this seems to break the rules previously set in place. I'm curious as to whether you all think that it's just a plot hole or plot convenience, it's an unexplained variation in epic powers from gifter to gifter, it's some change granted by the weird "demon" inside Lifeforce that seems to be something more than just the darkness, or something else. Thoughts? Edit: I just realized that this is my first post in exactly 3 years! Who woulda thunk?
  8. They were so epic that the universe had to modify itself to be able to support them. This time, instead of only a few turtles, it was turtles all the way down. Then the story continued as before.
  9. He was secretly a referee.
  10. It would be better if they knew without having to be told, though.
  11. She decided to hire some competition to motivate her.
  12. It's one that a friend of ours wrote. It hasn't been publiched. Side note: said friend doesn't even know about the Cosmere. She said something to the effect of "I don't know what you're talking about, but I'm honored that you're including my goldfish in it." Also, thanks for the upvote!
  13. "Wipe your memory" they responded. "Oh. That's all right, then. I was worried about death or something" he replied. So they did, and since he had no memories, they took the opportunity to steal his Shards.
  14. Then the ghanderflaffles decided to help out. (They ignored being destroyed with the non-canon characters, as it was rather annoying.)