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  1. It must be a bound restriction, not an "I don't want to." In Secret History he is clearly surprised that he can hurt Kelsier, and once he figures that out, he sure shows no qualms about giving a merciless beating.
  2. Yes. This. Personally I think it (the sibling) is going to be a spren of the sea. Thematically appropriate to bond with a Thaylen. Supported by horneater belief of a god of the sky (Stormfather), earth (nightwatcher), and sea (sibling). And Taravangian has dibs on the Noghtwatcher. Perhaps it's downfall is related to Aimia?
  3. I agree Moash was important. I feel like Honor either tricked (oh the irony) or forced Odium into some kind of agreement regarding the heralds that falls under the "we are bound by some rules" thing. He can't directly or via agents do this to Jezerezah. I just wonder why specifically Moash. Odium could have accomplished this with another. Grooming a champion, maybe? Or because Kaladin is too emo to stop Moash?
  4. I believe the blade is to Odium what the Honorblades were to Honor: a physical peice of him. Now, the Honorblades were invested with Honor, which binds things, allowing surgebinding. An Odiumblade would be invested with the void, which draws things in. The gem is obviously a perfect gem, required to make a better prison as they do not leak, like the big ruby of 200 year old stormlight. The sapphire is probably relevant to exactly how Jezerezah is invested. Only time will tell. What we should be asking is why Odium deems this necessary. Preventing herald death and oathpact reinstatement is not likely. J is already broken and would likely just immediately cave to the torture. So, theories: 1. Herald link shares power, Odium wants to unlink every herald except one, probably Nale, to have a fully powered champion. 2. Odium wants remove possible sources of knowledge from his enemies 3. Odium wants to remove possible champions from his enemies
  5. That is interesting info, but doesn't much alter my hypothesis. If Sazed hasn't learned it by now, I doubt Dalinar could do it unaided in a moment of Ascension. Cultivation is hiding from Odium and would not interfere, Honor is dead, and Odium certainly wouldn't help him.
  6. So, this feels like Dalinar is channeling the God Beyond, which is potentially but not necessarily Adonalsium. It is hinted at that this is Dalinar's true god. We can assume that no shard can touch the beyond. Entering is final even for a shard holder. Dalinar has two interactions with people who have went Beyond: Evi and Nohadon. It is implied that both are true interactions, not Stormfather with a camcorder/talkboy. The only being who could grant this would be the God Beyond, and I therefore conclude him to be the source of the Unite Them mantra, not Honor. Dalinar's feeling of Odium looking "so small" corroborates this. Odium would be Honor's equal. Only a greater power would make him seem insignificant. All this leads me to believe that "I am Unity" was spoken by Adonalsium from Beyond, through Dalinar, and Unity was his pre-shattered power's name/Intent. Odium felt/heard this, and shat his divine undergarments.
  7. It seems clear to me that Odium and Honor will merge. Odium is said to be God's own divine hatred without context. Honor would provide this context and restraint. Fairly sure Cultivation will willingly give her shard to this mix, resulting in the triple shard Unity. Dalinar will Ascend to hold this, because he is the one person who has Connected to all three of those shards. Hoid will probably lead an effort to reunite Adonalsium with the support of Dalinar and Sazed. The new antagonist will be Autonomy, who opposes this due to his Intent. I believe Autonomy is behind Vun Makak and Nu Ralik on Roshar, the Pantheon on First of the Sun, Dayside/Nightside on Taldain, Austere on Nalthis, and the Trellagists on Scadrial. Perhaps others. Stuff will happen.... Space odyssey from Scadrial to reach a shard who has hidden on a planet with no perpendicularity, and perhaps ending with Hoid holding the last peice of Adonalsium all this time, but never having taken it up. Dalinar gets to meet his God Beyond, who says something about this all being planned, happy ending, fade to black.
  8. It seems most plausible to me that it is the run of the mill aviar that blocks mind sense. Presumably this would keep the local omniscient-ish shards (or spren) wherever he happens to be, from meddling with his affairs. Cognitive cloaking device, if you will.
  9. COULD they keep her? We don't know enough about the heralds to know how dangerous they could be. I don't think the honorblades are all there is to them. Remember Taln snatching darts from the air. And Shalash's own servants in her interlude sure seem to think she can be scary. I am pretty sure Mraize just wanted to trade information. It is likely from her he learned of Sja-Anat. She most likely captured Re-Shephir. He wanted info and promised to tell her where Taln was in exchange.
  10. I don't think there was an accidental oath, but I do agree with the importance of him talking to Maya. Specifically, thinking of her as a being, not a tool. This heightened when he saw her true form in Shadesmar. Spren are cognitive beings, and it's on record that the way humans view them affects them. (Remember the ardent interlude's flamespren experiment? And that old Dalinar saw flamespren fighting with shardblades? Or the Stormfather being stormlike due to people seeing him as such for so long?) Then, Adolin's acceptance of his weakness and determination to continue makes him a Nahel candidate, as modeled several times earlier in the book. Check Skar, Lyn, Rock's initial stormlight intake, for example. He is gonna have to get rid of that pommel gem though. I'm sure of it.
  11. My bad on the dustbringer plate. But now all I want is to see Lift in a wee little shardplate. Lol.
  12. "He slammed into another man, knocking him back, as if the full force of Jasnah’s shove had transferred to him." Complete transferral and conservation of kinetic energy through multiple collisions... the surge of motion, Transportation. It may also explain her transferring soulcasting from target to target, but I am less sure of that.
  13. Nobody in six pages brought up him carrying around his mother's necklace? Or refusing to name his sword for years because it was not her real name? "I will remember those who have been forgotten." He is basically holding a neon "I am an Edgedancer!" sign. Dalinar even seems to see his very plate on an edgedancer in a vision.