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  1. Goat! At the disco Twenty One Goats My Goat Romance Fallout Goat Imagine Goats “Grab ‘em by the Goat” ”If at first you don’t succeed, goat, goat again” ”Every goat has a silver lining” ”A long time ago, in a goat far, far away...” *If the smurphs were goats* ”Papa goat! Papa goat!” “What is it, Brainy Goat?” “Goats!” Hunger Goats, Hunger Goats: Catching Fire, Hunger Goats MockingGoat “Et tu, Goat?” ~~Julius Caesar “You’re like a Goat in a minefield!” Who you gonna call? Goat Busters! *at an AA meeting* “Hi my name is Steve and I’m a Goat” I think I’ll stop now...
  2. Mmmmm lies...
  3. I’m sorry this is off topic, but I keep seeing people mention the discord... how would I go about finding a link to join?
  4. Perhaps this is how there’s gonna be “mistborn” in Era 3...
  5. Woahh those are amazing!! And even if you didn't freehand that doesn't make it less impressive. Some of us (totally not referencing myself. Totally) can't even draw properly when we trace When doctors suck and don't know how to diagnose my illness so I decide that it's from Ashyn and I just haven't figured out how to use my powers yet
  6. I'd reccomend the Zodiac Series, by Romina Russell. It's a four book finished series and I really enjoyed it, and I bet you will too.
  7. Thanks! Normally random stuff like that just sorta pops into my head and so I roll with it. *starts mumbling about frosty the snowman*
  8. Is the shard that "just wants to survive" something along the lines of Understanding?
  9. When you change the words of Rudolph the red nosed reindeer to Kaladin the stormblessed bridgeman: (possible spoilers?)
  10. This may be true about the third ideal but only as Dalinar spoke it. We already know that the oaths leave room for interpretation, however since there are only three bondsmiths and their order seems to be so unique what if each Godspren has slightly different oaths the proto-radiant must swear to bond it?
  11. My bad I hadn't realized that
  12. So this is theory is just completely out there and a wild guess without much evidence to go on. Basically I theorize that "What If Obrodai is the planet where Dark One takes place?". We don't know much about Dark One other than that it's cosmere and the main character is destined to destroy the world. Based on the evidence from the second letter Obrodai is a shardworld or at least has a splinter of a shard/shardic presence. Due to its correlation with a shard that makes it a candidate for future books and stories and I really don't have anymore evidence than that. It's mostly just intuition honestly, not really a true theory. Well let me know what you think, and if you have any counter arguments or other ideas to add.
  13. 39 Willshaper 39 Skybreaker 29 Elsecaller 29 Lightweaver 28 Dustbringer
  14. Silver