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  1. That is uncannily close to how I imagined Steelheart, actually. If he were scowling that picture would be pretty much perfect!
  2. Chris Hemsworth could be Kelsier and his brother could be Ironeyes...
  3. Maybe then we can have the Captain America shirt I imagined to be cannon! ;P
  4. Sorry for the Necromancy, but I actually found a quote from the book that confirms why Hoid is the same person throughout every book in the Cosmere."Sarene had never seen his face, but she assumed from his voice that he was an older man." (Page 562, chapter 58, second POV section) *Sarene never actually sees Hoid's face!* Knowing Hoid, he is perfectly capable of masking his true voice; and with his talents, possibly even his physical features. I also seem to remember Hoid being a beggar in Mistborn too... Again, sorry for the necro.
  5. I always think of Stormlight when I hear Lindsey Stirling's "Stars Align." I think it's because in the music video they throw around light, fall with style, and massive rocky plains stretching into the distance. Also "Crystallize" by Lindsey makes me think of Shards and Shardbearers.
  6. As for me, I'd just sketch some chasmfiends, the Avengers, maybe a pokemon, a few dragons, and then stickmen.
  7. Um. Hufflepuffs are the hardworking, loyal, sensible, honest, optomistic, and overprotective. If you have a Puff on your side, they stick there without fail. They will literally jump in frount of you to keep you safe.But on the flip side, if they decide to be evil BOY are you in trouble! Everyone seems to forget that Umbridge was a Hufflepuff... As for Slytherins, DID YOU FORGET HORACE SLUGHORN? Yes he was a pompus codger but he was a very lovable pompus codger. And that discription of Ravenclaws was downplayed and borderline offencive. Being a Ravenclaw myself, I know a lot about it. Ravenclaws are nerds, yes. We read books, again correct. However you forgot that we are the house that is good at potions, that tries to create new and helpful spells, and might be slightly insane. Gryffindors just like "sports and hitting things"? Wow. No WONDER they've always been the glorified house. Excuse me if I'm wrong but that seems a little house racist to me. All of us have a dark side, and people are more complex then those discriptions. Edit: I don't mean to be rude, but I don't want anyone else to be rude to my Hufflepuff and Slytherin friends.
  8. Opps. I did look for this topic, but I'm also pretty new to the forums and how they work, :/ sorry I missed those before.
  9. Perhaps the Cryptic's were trying to prevent Elohkar's bonding from happening!
  10. Oooh, or the Old Magic. We still don't know much about that.
  11. Baine: Well, Pattern was pretty creepy before he turned out to be Shallan's spren... Ari: You might be onto something. Though, we don't exactly know how far Brandon's going to go with a Shardworld of three Splinters. Cultivation's power hasn't really been seen like Odium and Honor's... Maybe!
  12. How do I vote? (Kinda a forum newbie...)
  13. I guess I was a little hasty while writing that comment.
  14. Hmm, you do have a point.