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  1. Thanks! And yeah; Taravangian hasn’t gotten much art (yet). I assume it’s just because not many of the “minor” characters have gotten art (fan-favorite characters like Kaladin and Shallan win out overall). Thanks for your comment!
  2. No one has drawn Taravangian and Dalinar having a discussion, and no one has drawn Taravangian clean-shaven. I decided to fix that.
  3. Thank you!
  4. King Iadon's downfall. (Now in color.)
  5. This scene always was one of my favorite from Elantris. I've drawn it before (though my skills were not up to the challenge it provided at that time). It's always been a profound image that lingers in my mind.
  8. Wow! I never imagined Ashe or Seons that way, but it makes a lot of sense.
  9. Thanks. I tried to give him a lot of muscle- then the shirt sleeves covered it up.
  10. Thank you!
  11. I just really liked the idea of Dalinar falling asleep and his family gathering around him. I’d say this is set in Kholinar or someplace close. I was going to draw little Jasnah conspiring with little Adolin up there, but I decided Adolin looked fine by himself. He wants to go get a cookie from the kitchen.
  12. YES. This is really awesome!
  13. I imagined him a little bit thinner and harder-looking, with more hair.
  14. THE BEST Rock drawing out there.
  15. I absolutely LOVE how you draw Gaz! It's not quite how I imagined him, but it's so storming pure I just can't help but love it.