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  1. (The Final Empire) Vin: Mia from Princess Diaries (tries to be invisible and is good at it, but ends up getting a makeover and going to a ball) Kelsier: "The Survivor is never late; everyone else is simply early"
  2. I read somewhere that his instructor said he was one of the most talented swordsmen he'd ever trained! He also had a lot of practical input into his Ranger costume (like making sure he had a small bow so he could hunt while traveling in the wild), and he did a lot of the repairs himself so it would look more authentic.
  3. I love it, as long as it's on my own terms (aka outside of school). Bonus points if it's a creative skill (like knitting). What would your ideal vacation look like?
  4. That makes sense! I forgot that obsidian was technically a glass, as well as a rock. Wow, that's really cool! I bet the casting method would make a stronger blade than just chipping it like a stone arrowhead. Cool, I didn't know that!
  5. In The Final Empire, Vin is described as using glass daggers (like most Mistborn, apparently), while the Inquisitors have obsidian weapons (axes mostly). In The Well of Ascension, Vin has obsidian daggers and no mention is made of the change. Any thoughts on why she switched to obsidian?
  6. Thanks! They're all cool, but I especially like the in Era 2. (I don't remember if that was a big reveal in the books, so I made it a spoiler just in case.) In Feruchemy, memory storage! I also generally like the balance inherent in Feruchemy. And the jewelry.
  7. Exactly, it's impossible to pick just one! In no particular order... Vin, TenSoon, Kaladin, Shallan, Pattern, Jasnah, Hoid... and probably a few more once I reread Mistborn Era 2. Oh, and I don't know much about Nazh, but I love the snarky lil notes on the maps!
  8. SAME. (Actually I like Tolkien even better than Sanderson, but Sanderson is my favorite living author.)
  9. Hi fellow Sanderfans! I'm probably going to Dragonsteel Con this year, so I decided to stop lurking and start posting. I discovered the Mistborn series four or five years ago and my nerdy heart fell in love with the complex, scientifically thought out magic system. I read the Reckoners next and loved it. After a couple of years savoring the anticipation of my next Sanderson read, I caught myself up on Elantris, Warbreaker, Stormlight, and some of the novellas. Right now, I'm rereading Mistborn in preparation for Wax & Wayne 4 (like everyone is probably doing) and planning my (hopefully) epic Vin cosplay for Dragonsteel Con. Favorite Sanderson series: if I had to pick just one, Stormlight. But Mistborn is a close second. Favorite novella: The Emperor's Soul
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