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  1. I can picture Ambition's Investiture coming together as solid godmetal asteroids that are drifting through the Cosmere, creating inter-realmatic weirdness as they go. Maybe getting lodged in the CR or crashing into a planet in the PR. This could be the bit involved in Emberdark - one of these Ambi-roids.
  2. I was thinking he could go the way of the Skybreakers but I think it would be a repeat of Szeth's arc. Now that you mention Dustbringers, though, I could agree with that. They have a focus on self-mastery which Moash definitely exhibits, early on, when learning from Kaladin. All that to say Brandon gives him a redemption arc (which I am personally hoping for) instead of giving in to the majority of the fandom's cries for blood.
  3. I gotta ask...who are the other two that you're thinking of? I'm pretty sure we've seen at least one member of each type, granted some are only minor characters.
  4. That would be fun. It felt so random having the same random background character show up in Stormlight. It would be cool seeing more of his history with the Ire too. - I love many of the Interludes of Stormlight because they often give glimpses into the lives of seemingly normal people around Roshar, experiencing small parts of the big events of the main story. Similar short stories around Scadrial would be a lot of fun. Story in the Final Empire's past that Sanderson intended to put into a video game. - I, too, mourn the loss of the Mistborn game. Hoping for bigger and better things! A story based on it doesn't seem like it would be too difficult since most of the worldbuilding has already been done. Something with balloons, blimps, bicycles and muscle-powered flight in conjunction with magi-tech. - Like the oft-mentioned kite magic world?
  5. Have you read the Isles of the Emberdark sample chapters? -Vasher and Shashara research and create Nightblood - I imagine this sort of thing would be saved for flashbacks in a Warbreaker sequel. -The founding of the Iriali - The Iriali are such a mystery and they keep popping up in the backgrounds of stories. It would be cool to get some concrete history there! -Khriss leaving Taldain for Silverlight - Any full story with Khriss would be amazing. She is such an integral part of the Cosmere. -Ceration and activation of the Father Machine - I get the feeling that this story will be left in the shadows (shroud?) of the past. I can imagine similar constructs being created in the future, however.
  6. The Silverlight Codes of Interplanetary Conduct. Nomad uses The Refugee and Lost Expatriate Bill to request asylum. I believe the TimeTellers just told Nomad that they were neutral but he didn't really believe them, thinking they were probably part of the Scadrian military. I don't think it states whether or not their non-interference is related to the Codes.
  7. Back on topic... Everyone seems to agree on wanting a Mistborn: Secret History 2. What would you want it to cover?
  8. When you put it that way, it makes a lot of sense. Another option (and I hate to suggest it) is have the question be a part of the top crowdfunding tier. I wouldn't suggest charging more just to have a question but make it another limited level at the same price (for example, $650 from the WoR campaign). Say the first 100 backers have the chance to send in a question. Another idea is to just have a straight lottery. They open a contest period, everyone enters, RNG selects 100 winners, a team filters the questions, Brandon answers.
  9. That would be a brilliant idea. I have two little kids whose bed time is during every livestream so my chances at having a question asked is also very small.
  10. All good ideas so far! We'll save those for AU3 then. Agreed! I know Brandon said he's not going to do another Tress story, and I agree with him, but it would be nice to have a different viewpoint somewhere else on the planet. Perhaps with an offhand mention of certain renowned flaxen-haired ship captain.
  11. Undoubtedly, Brandon has been Brandoning since the last UA. What is Brandoning, you ask? Why, that's his habit of uncontrollably writing stories. The Secret Projects being the most overt evidence of this condition. He's got the big books now but who's to say he doesn't have a collection of short stories stashed away for a rainy day (or upcoming Cosmere content drought)? My question for you is this: What story would you love to see in Arcanum Unbounded 2: Electrum Boogaloo? For me, I would like to see a slice of life story about the customs agents at the Nathian perpendicularity. Kind of like an episode of one of those Border Security shows that were big several years ago. I'd also love a story about an organization of specialists and Radiants (pre-Recreance) whose job is to hunt down and neutralize/capture dangerous Surgebinders, spren, or other magical entities on Roshar.
  12. I am slowly listening my way through the latest Emberdark reactions Shardcast (a side effect of parenting two chaosspren small children). I just reached the part where the 'cast talked about if larger ships, like the Dynamic, could pass through "pool-sized" perpendicularities. My first thought was to Puddle Jumpers from Stargate Atlantis. These space shuttles were designed specifically to pass perfectly through the circular Stargates, which were 6-7m in diameter.
  13. We know that Cognitive beings take on the qualities perceived of them by the masses in the Physical. It could be that, over time, Kelsier's "There's always another secret" has pervaded the Scadrian mythos, surrounding The Survivor, in such a way that Kelsier can't help but keep secrets and runs his organizations as such.
  14. I think so too since there seems to be an emphasis on that area. SA5 theory with a little TSM sprinkled in:
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