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  1. But I must ask, who is Chaos? There have been people with that name on different websites, but I must say I'm not sure who that is. I'm not really sure if they're the same people, haha!
  2. Haha I'll keep that in mind! And I just had to mention.... I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, too!!!! It really is so nice to meet a fellow member, especially on the internet!!:)
  3. I just accidentally posted twice, I'm not entirely sure how though XD But thanks!
  4. Sorry about that! I admit, I am a noob I'll do my best to oblige to the preferences of the community! Thanks for your tips!:)
  5. Thanks!!:D I haven't yet finished the entire Cosmere, but so far I really love Elantris and Oathbringer. And yeah, sorry about that, I realized but didn't know how to delete it haha. Thanks! I'll be sure to do that.
  6. Sorry for the bad joke XD I'm very new here, so I just wanted to say hello!! I'm from Trumpet's Old Wasteland, but the state I dwell in is beautiful! I love stories and writing stories, so I obviously love Sanderson's books!! I hate school... that's a bit about me!
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