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  1. Warbreaker spoilers: In The Way of Kings, Wit makes a comment to Kaladin while playing his flute into the echoing chasms, "This is so much easier with perfect pitch". That is an ability gained on Nalthis at the second Heightening with 200 Breaths. The first Heightening grants aura recognition, the ability to sense the amount of investiture someone has, including invisible people like spren. So he probably saw a cryptic hovering around Shallan, and maybe he could also sense Odious investiture too, residuals from whatever is affecting her home that clung to her and her father. Or her father himself was invested with Odious investiture
  2. Just listened the the Adolin/Maya Shardcast and I had an idea. Could Adolin heal the cracks in Mayaxs sould by bonding another spren? They are Connected enough for him to give her some of his own strength during the Honorspren trial, so why not give the strength of his Nahel bond? I don't know if this would later allow him to bond Maya as well or what other effects this could have, please comment your theories on what this trio would look like
  3. While I do really like that idea, I would argue that Dustbringers strive for restraint more so than mastery. They weild the surge of Division, an ability that would require a great deal of restraint and control. I feel that Taln resigned himself to a role and it broke him, and now he needs to learn again how to be where he is needed and to leave his nigh catatonic state. Also one of the things that can lead someone to being a Dustbringer is a focus on destruction, which Ash has been excelling at for a few thousand years by now
  4. Sanderson is okay with people guessing some of his plot points, and the majority of fans aren't aware of which characters will be view point characters down the line so this is something that most people wouldn't know. The best confirmation for me is the finale of Oathbringer, when the gang jumps through the perpendicularity to join Dalinar back in the physical realm. He looks around and starts counting off people, Kaladin for the Windrunners, Szeth for the Skybreakers, Lift for the Edgedancers, Renarin for the Truthwatchers, Shallan for the Lightweavers, Jasnah for the Elsecallers, Taln for the Stonewards, and Dalinar himself for the Bondsmiths. He also counts Ask among them because she is a Herald but wonders why he only counts nine. What he doesn't know is that Venli, who is nearby with Odium, is a Willshaper, bringing the total number to ten. All 10 orders are present except the Dustbringer because Ash and Shallan are both Lightweavers, so I think the only conclusion is that Ash will become a Dustbringer
  5. Because Endowment is granting or gifting something to another, therefore changing the one who receives the endowment. Honor, Valor, Whimsy, Odium, Ambition, Devotion, Autonomy, these are all things dealing with emotion or rule, while Endowment is the only word who's definition is based on changing something
  6. Or possibly the host of Adonalsium, separated from his power. So far we have not seen any effects from the Dawnshards which we know are the weapons used to "kill god himself". But wouldn't killing a god and removing his power basically be the same thing? And after being permeated with the infinite power of all 16 Shards, I think it would be reasonable to assume that the host, if left alive after the shattering, would be immortal, bound to a strict regimen based on the events of his "death", and why he was so scared when confronted by Shallan because he's terrified of conflict after having been reduced to a human
  7. Okay so this theory is going to be half formed and probably not great but a lightbulb went off in my head while re-reading Mistborn. Burning atium grants future sight, to a degree, feruchemists can store youthfulness, and and an atium spike can steal any ability. It makes sense that in Ruin's own magic system it could steal any ability, making it the most powerful metal out of his system because it decays the source of the power, but the other two are temporal in nature. We also know that Cultivation and Endowment are very skilled in future sight while other shards struggle with this. What I'm thinking is that Shards from the change quadrant of the Dawnshard chart will have more powerful temporal abilities, this being due to the fact that the nature of their power is to change things and so they can read the effects of changes much more easily. I am pretty steadily convinced that invention will also be one of the Change Shards so in theory that takes care of all four from that quadrant. If I'm right about this, the other three quadrants relating to the nature of the shards abilities would grant four Shards a specific strength in their given attribute rather than simply having power related to that attribute. We know from a word-of-Brandon that one of the Dawnshards is unique while the other three have a much closer relation so I'm asking in this post if anyone has ideas for what the other Dawnshards might be based on the powers granted by certain shards. I know this is kind of a long shot because Odium is also particularly skilled in future sight and Preservation showed at least proficiency in this area as well, but I feel at this point any information we can base theories on is worth looking at for the sake of hopefully predicting a Dawnshard or two before the next Stormlight book comes out 3 years from now
  8. https://wob.coppermind.net/events/452/#e14511 This is the wob I mentioned, explaining that nightblood leaks investiture because he can't hold that which he has consumed. https://wob.coppermind.net/events/360/#e10902 And this is a wob confirming that Nightblood has a direct relation to Ruin.
  9. I honestly have no idea I tried refreshing the page several times and it just kept getting worse. User error I'm sure, I'm as bad with computers as my grandfather
  10. With Tien, I think the important thing here isn't that he was Radiant, or anything about his life at all, but about him having knowledge from being in the Beyond for years. Dalinar "united them" so I feel like it was the actual soul of Tien, not just a memory or vision like Dalinar has in highstorms We have WoBs on Nighblood kind of explaining that he eats the investiture of everything he touches, and that the black smoke that bleeds from his blade is excess investiture. He has eaten so much that its like trying to hold a gallon of water in a solo cup, it just pours out of him. So he isn't destroying the investiture, he seems to be converting it (to what I think is investiture keyed to the intent of Ruin, or his rhythm or whatever). We know from RoW that anti investiture cancels out with regular investiture, or really only the investiture that it was intentionally keyed to be opposite of. Its highly destructive in a way that Nightblood is not. While the sword severs all connections in all three realms, anti light blows up so I'm kinda convinced he isn't anti so much as pure destructive force, per his command
  11. As much as I like Kelsier in Mistborn, secret histories really explains that he is supremely hateful and prejudiced in all of his murders, which he takes pleasure in and calls "the fun part". He's also Thaidakar, founder of an organization of murderers who do a bunch of messed up stuff in the pursuit of self interest. And didn't Kelsier try to punch Wit first? And Wit was surprised that he was able to punch Kelsier since that's the only being he's been able to harm since the Shattering. I'm not saying Wit doesn't deserve it, he's certainly obnoxious in the pursuit of humor, but you also can't say Kelsier didn't deserve that punch and much worse
  12. Ohhhhhhhh, okay I see. Well I think its just Windrunners and Bondsmiths because they have the surge of adhesion, Honor's own surge. It would be cool for stonewards to get it as well but I don't think that will be the case
  13. I think that Adolin is on his way to becoming a Stoneward. Mainly because the Radiant symbol at the beginning of parts 2 and 4 of Rhythm of War are the symbol of the order of Stonewards (part 2 is when the journey to Shadesmar begins, part 4 is when Adolin goes through the trial and defends Maya, and those are the only two parts where Adolin is a viewpoint charachter). Also, I think its too convenient for Adolin to naturally align to the order of the blade that he was given by his father, and I doubt that the blade had an effect on his personality as we haven't seen this with any other character. Stonewards are dependable and resourceful, and Adolin was dependable all over the books, but namely when he went to save Notum, when Kaladin was in jail, when the thunderclast had beat the crap out of him and he just kept fighting, when Shallan was falling apart and he was always there for her, when Kaladin is breaking down in part one of RoW, and when Maya was in pain and needed support. His resourcefulness shows in his fight with the thunderclast when he uses brain to defeat it rather than brawn, when he uses the starspren to get Shallan to show herself for long enough to communicate with her, and making his outfits even when he sews himself one from various other clothes aboard the Lightspren ship.
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