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  1. 1 hour ago, Edema Rue said:

    I love it!! It's beautiful.

    (Oh, also how is/was the tempest? I think you said you were doing that in March?)

    Starting rehearsals for it in March! Rehearsals are going well, it's a fun time!! We perform in April :))

  2. Strong Words


    I say "I hate him," you say "Hate's a strong word"

    "So is love," I want to say, but it goes unsaid, unheard

    Where was that warning, when once for him I swooned?

    If I believe that that was love, which still I do, it soon

    May well have turned to hate, you see, strength for strength, and now

    That strength has turned to nothingness, yet still as strong, somehow.

    I think of him and all I feel is heavy on my heart

    He's gone and I don't care and yet it still tears me apart

    This nothingness, still everything, the loudest song I sing

    I sing so loud for everything, still all is just nothing

    Nothing, no one, someone, a song to write again

    They're everything, yet still I write of nothing, yes, of him.

    Of love, of hate, what difference can such distinctions make?

    Of nothing or of everything, of real or of fake,

    It's still my song to write and sing, my feelings to express

    "It's a strong word" you warn again, and all I say is "yes."

    I feel strongly, let me say it, let me feel it full.

    If it burns inside me, then let me bare my soul.

    So yes, I'll use the strong words, love and hate and all

    So that maybe when I'm dead and gone, the stars will still recall.


  3. The Artist


    If I were stone, you'd hold the chisel

    My walls were up, you launched the missile

    You look at me, my defenses fall

    I open up, you can see it all

    I'm a blank canvas, you are the paint

    If I were marble, maybe you'd carve the saint

    Or maybe a gargoyle, whatever you see

    Behind my layers of stone, that is what I'll be

    For you are my artist, it's only your eye,

    It's only your meaning that I'll ever try

    To emulate, cast me however you will.

    I'll live it, I will, I'll live for you still.


  4. 16 minutes ago, The Bookwyrm said:

    What's your opinion on Sharders who joined later than you?

    There aren't very many that I was really able to become good friends with, but from what I've seen of y'all I think you're all really cool! The Shard is in good hands :))

  5. I always forget how much of a love-hate relationship I have with having a crush until I have another crush lol...

    I've liked this person for just under a year and a half now? But I only came to terms with it in like September, cuz it's my first really strong non-straight crush, so of course I overanalyzed it a TON and was in denial for a while, even though I've identified as panromantic for a few years now.

    And it sucks cuz I have next to no chance with them, but it's amazing because they're amazing and every interaction I have with them makes me so happy

  6. 3 hours ago, Edema Rue said:

    Oo. Those are really good, I especially like the last two, I really feel them right now.

    Also, I think I remember you mentioning that a lot of these are/will be songs? Does that mean you have specific melodies for them?

    Yeah!! I keep meaning to record them well, but it hasn't happened yet. Except these two:

    On 4/24/2023 at 10:44 PM, DramaQueen said:

    I can just send them here! I'll send more recordings later but for now:


    You Deserve The World (But Not This One).mp3


  7. Don't


    Don’t cry

    Don’t lie

    Don’t feel

    Don’t steal

    Be quiet

    Don’t riot

    Be still


    I cry

    I lie

    I feel

    I steal

    Can’t quiet

    I’ll riot

    I will


    I’ll be

    Just me

    You can’t


    Me to

    Be who

    You’d kill




    We always grow up, never down

    Seem never to swim, only drown

    Life drags us on

    Our past is gone

    And our future is suddenly found


    The pains are so hard to ignore

    Once they’re gone, it’s hard to restore

    The life you once knew,

    The one that was you,

    The life that you knew long before.


    So instead, we are forced then to change

    The pieces must then rearrange

    A completely new puzzle

    To take off the muzzle

    And live once more free, though strange.


    Life isn’t some static creation

    It changes with new situations

    It can’t be expected

    It isn’t directed

    Just face it with determination.


    I Don't Know


    Thoughts, jumbled

    He, we, her, them

    Up, down, red, left

    Love, hate



    I don’t know.

    What don’t I know?

    Ask me something.

    “I don’t know.”

    The jumble hides me

    Chair here, blanket there

    A mix of patchwork and wood

    Metal and paint

    Jumbled jumbled together

    Who am I?

    I don’t know.

    What do I want?

    I don’t know.

    I want to know.

    Don’t want to don’t know

    I want to clean

    My jumbled brain

    So I do

    I move the jumble

    Sort the jumble

    Arrange the jumble

    A sitting area to the left,

    A library to the right.

    I shove the LOUD




    I made up my mind.


  8. Just a super silly goofy little song lol



    I'm a little quirky

    Without the "ky"

    Change the "i" to a double "e"

    Yeah, I like girls and they like me

    Q, U, double E, R, quirky


    And a couple more serious ones

    hear and see


    you said you loved me but that cant be true

    you cant love a girl that you never knew

    you took my hand and started to run

    we fooled around, we had some fun

    but all you wanted was a mirror

    never even tried to hear her

    never listened when i spoke my mind

    you couldnt hear and you were blind

    you didnt see how bad it got

    didnt even spare a thought

    youre still making me cry a year later

    the girl you turned into a hater

    once a lover hoper dreamer 

    now a fighter and a schemer

    if i dont plan for the worst

    then ill never finish first

    ill lose at love like you lost me

    but at least i can hear and see


    Love Songs?


    The songs that were ours aren't yours anymore

    Hear them all in a way that I didn't before

    You've got new songs, used to make me cry

    Now I just fill to the brim with sighs


    You don't deserve the love songs, just the regret

    I gave you so much, but what did I get?

    Heartbreak and grief led me to clarity

    I put my pride on the shelf and got some therapy


    You hurt me more

    Than any before

    But hey

    Don't worry 'bout it

    I'm okay


  9. On 12/14/2023 at 1:05 AM, Ookla the Hyperpotamian said:

    How would you make sure you're not caught on camera properly? And can you share what your cryptid form would look like?

    Stay far enough away from civilization that no one knows exactly where to look for me, and ensure that every sighting of me is very tightly controlled by myself. No one will see me unless I want them to, and they'll only see as much of me as I want them to.

    And, no, I cannot share what my cryptid form would look like, because then you'd know that it's me when the rumors start flying about a new cryptid.

  10. I'm bored and can't sleep cuz I've been thinking about this so I'm gonna ask myself a question sorry

    "Hey Queen what are you gonna do with a degree in theatre?"

    Become a cryptid. Hear me out. I move into a quaint little town, preferably by a quaint little body of water. I get a quaint little job and make some quaint little friends and have a quaint little life, and because I'm such a good actor, no one suspects that I'm also the quaint little cryptid that there have been sightings of. "Oh dear we have a cryptid? What on earth could it be, what on earth could it want, I haven't the slightest idea" mwahahahaha little do they know

  11. 13 hours ago, Ookla the Starship Ranger said:

    What are you doing right now? Literally or overall in your life what are you working on.

    Literally I'm sitting at my desk procrastinating doing my self-eval.

    Overall in my life, I'm currently in a production of a musical of It's A Wonderful Life, we close Saturday, also finals week is next week but I'm fortunately not too stressed about it. I'm a sophomore in the BFA acting program at my college, and it's been super fun and I've been learning so much!! I haven't had much time for reading, which is really sad, but overall college has been really good. I almost never have time to work, so I'm really losing money which isn't great, but I'm applying to a ton of places for the summer, and I'll be working over Christmas break, and hopefully get another job that I'll be able to work mostly regularly for next semester.

    I think that's a pretty thorough update :))

  12. 5 hours ago, Ookla the Resolute said:

    Water or rainwater? (Not for eating use, general use)

    Like, which do I use...?

    I don't think I'm familiar enough with any sort of discourse around this to answer.

  13. Most of these are just barely in progress, I'll post updates as they come!




    The logic makes sense

    Should stay behind the fence

    Should keep up these guards

    But oh, it's so hard


    Cuz I look at you and my heart goes crazy

    My head spins and my vision's hazy

    No way that you could feel the same

    But somehow I can't quench this flame




    Throw my kisses in the air like confetti

    I'll ask you to dance when you're ready

    Wrap your arm 'round my waist

    Not a moment to waste

    We'll dance for a while

    All my dreams be replaced

    With this moment with you

    Paint my grayest sky blue

    And no one will tell us

    What to do or not to


    Glass Soda Bottles


    I love blowing kisses

    But kisses are wishes

    And darling, I wish

    That someday my kiss

    Might not be from so far away

    Not be scared of what they might say

    But oh my beloved, today

    I'll blow you a kiss

    And not say


    I love you like glass soda bottles

    Like the loves from all of your novels

    I love you like pain

    I love you like rain

    I love you like dancing

    I love you in vain

    But as the bottles shatter

    The only thing that matters

    Is the first three words


    When someday we're older

    I hope we'll be bolder

    And as we lie there

    I won't fear to share

    All I've ever felt for you

    I'll finally tell you the truth

    And oh, my beloved, that day

    I'll give you a kiss

    And say


    I love you like glass soda bottles

    Like the loves from all of your novels

    I love you like pain

    I love you like rain

    I love you like dancing

    I love you...

    And as our time will shatter

    The only thing that matters

    Is my last three words




    You call me darling, same as everyone else

    But I wish I could tell you how that word makes me melt

    And you smile at me

    Just like you smile at everybody




    Blowing kisses like dandelion seeds

    Making wishes like you're all I need




    Your hands make me clay

    I'll be whatever you say

    If you can't love me as I am

    I'll be someone new, soon as I can




    You're my ocean, I'd give myself to you

    If I knew you wouldn't drown me

    But drown me with your love

    Send a flood




    I knew you in another life

    We both just forgot

    All that's left is the vaguest remnant of a thought

    That you should be mine

    And I should be yours 

    I should hold your hand

    And hold all your doors




    I wanna say hello and I love you

    Send you the songs that remind me of you

    I wanna grab your hand

    Run as fast as we can

    And explore the world as one

    Just for fun




    If I were stone, you'd hold the chisel

    My walls were up, you launched the missile

  14. 11 hours ago, OokIa the Believer said:

    In a resume, what would to tell them about yourself? 

    Depends on if it's a resume for a normal person job or a resume for a show.

    I guess either way, I'd tell them about my previous jobs or shows and what skills I have that were helpful and would be helpful in whatever new thing I'm applying/auditioning for.

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