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  1. Well, we don't actually know if Frost was at the Shattering. At least, I could not find any WoB or information about that. We also don't know if the effects the Dawnshard had on Hoid are shared between all Dawnshards or are unique to that Dawnshard. So... I'm not convinced. We need more information.
  2. I don't think that would work. God metals are invested so it would be way more difficult to awaken a God Metal Sword than awakening a normal sword.
  3. Ashyn is not related to Odium anymore nowadays, so... In any case, there are enough hints that associate Odium to the number 9. Odium's own magic system and creations should follow that rule. There are not 10 types of Fused or 10 Unmades despite Roshar being ten centric. Also there are other things in Roshar that are not ten centric, like Cultivation's Old Magic or Ashyn's magic system, both being more two centric than ten centric. So, I would not say the system's number determines the number associated with the magic system. In any case, even if Odium's own system was ten centric, there are hints pointing towards Cultivation being related to the Voidbinding chart. So it would still not be a pure Odium's system.
  4. Not really, since ten is not Odium's number. It is 9. Braize is nine-centric because of Odium being there, we have 9 types of fused, 9 Unmades. And 10 is the number associated with Honor, not only the Rosharan system. 10 honorblades, 10 Heralds, 10 orders and the fact it is such an important number in Vorinism, which praises the Almighty, aka Tanavast, aka Honor. So I don't think the number depends on the system but on the Shard.
  5. Disclaimer: This theory is almost a copy paste from a post I made on Reddit, but with some extra things that i recently noticed to support it. Let me go straight to the point and develop from there. Voidbinding is from both Cultivation and Odium. So, the basis of this theory is what Fox exposes in this WoB https://wob.coppermind.net/events/379/#e12835 Since there are three Shards in Roshar, there should be hybrid magic systems, like Feruchemy in Scadrial, between pairs of Shards. It has been theorized that voidbinding could be either Honor+Odium system or Honor+Odium+Cultivation system, but I don't agree. We know some things about voidbinding. It is a cousin of the Old Magic, it is related to see the future and Renarin ability, it usually, but not always, originates with the Unmade... And how does that relate with Cultivation? Well, first of all, it is related to the Old Magic. There is a connection there. It is also related to see the future and who is one of the best Shards in that field? It's not Odium, but Cultivation. And what about the Unmade? Well, Odium certainly had to cultivate them in order to create them. He did something pretty similar to what Cultivation did with Dalinar, cut some things to make them grow the way he wanted. Furthermore, if we look at the Unmade that granted Renarin the ability of seeing the future, Sja-anat, we can easily see that Enlightening is some kind of cultivation, like the one Odium did with the Unmade and Cultivation with Dalinar. You could maybe argue that Voidbinding sounds like Odium's pure magic system, but... Why does it have TEN surges instead of NINE, while when he hacked the Surgebinding system to give powers to his Fused, he created NINE types of Fused? Nine is his number, it wouldn't make sense that in a hacked system he has that number but in his own system he does not. And yes, ten is actually Honor's number, but... We cannot see any other thing that relates Honor to Voidbinding apart from that. Furthermore, I recently noticed that if you look at Surgebinding and Voidbinding charts, you will see that the glyph for the Windrunners is the only one with a different color in each chart. Here, in the Surgebinding chart, is blue. But in the Voidbinding chart... it is violet. You can see it better here. As we all know, Windrunners are the purest order of Honor, represented by the color of his Light (the Stormlight) and associated to Honorspren. Therefore, since in the Voidbinding chart the "Windrunners" have a violet color, much like the Voidlight color, we could easily afirm that there is no Honor in Voidbinding. Because the purest Honor's order "changed" its colors to match Odium's ones. And now, after RoW, we have Odium and Cultivation kind of working together. It would totally makes sense that Voidbinding was their magic system, so we would see it pretty soon, while if it was only from Odium we would have already see it and if it was from Honor and Odium, we probably would never see it or, at least, not soon. I hope you liked my theory and I look forward to read your opinions. See you in the comments ^^
  6. Wait, what? Did they actually found that? I was thinking about the second gibberish, not about the Shardblade one...
  7. Hey, so I am late but I just discovered about all this thing. Has anybody made any progress or something?
  8. Hi there, Rwerr! Everyone be nice with him, he is a very good friend of mine
  9. Following the example of @Rosharan A.C., who created a place for official Edgedancers based on the Official Knights Radiant Quiz, I decided to create a kind of place for Truthwatchers, so we can make Truthdancers and Edgewatchers parties and eat pancakes all together while asking us the big questions. Just kidding in this one, we all know that the answer to everything is 42, but sssssh, don't reveal it to anyone, is a Truthwatcher's secret -Crew rules: 1. You should be a Truthwatcher, an Edgedancer or a Windrunner. If you're not, you can join, too, but you will have to prepare food for the Edgedancers. (Just kidding ) 2. All members must respect each other as well as any other crew with Knights Radiant in them. 3. Any new rules can be made if we find truth in them. If they are lies, they won't be accepted. 4. The cake is a lie, so please, don't bring the cake here. 5. Remember our Order's secret: And that would be all at this moment. Have fun ^^
  10. Perfect! Thanks ^^ I may create my own Truthwatchers Crew and then we could make Edgewatchers/Truthdancers parties!
  11. Well, is a deathtrap depending on where do you go! And if possible, I would wish inmortality for Brandon and his loved ones, to give him at least enough time to end the Cosmere and have some time of relax before going to the Beyond (?)
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