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  1. @Lord_Silberfarben "Aha! You called? Do you need a new shirt sir?" He stood by the door, a cup of wine in hand. "Oh dear. What's this..."
  2. He nodded. "Fun." He started walking towards the mansion.
  3. Will do! He laughed. "So snarky. Well. Yeah I guess so. Got nothing much better to do. So, where do we start?"
  4. Julius nodded at Silberfarben, turning and walking down the street. "You seem interesting. What would a lord be doing in a random alleyway?" He was genuinely curious.
  5. Julius stood straighter. Lying never was his strongsuit. "Its about business sir! Very important matters to discuss. And only us!" He made his voice slightly higher pitched. "I apologize, but this matter cannot wait!"
  6. I'm interested in being a bodyguard for the game! -------- Julius walked down the street, watching some lord leave an alley. He glanced again. Was that lord Hastings? Or someone that looked like him? That seemed strange. Going over there, he cleared this throat. "Hello? Is this a good time to talk sir?" Julius waited for an answer, hoping this stranger was more interesting than his job.
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