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    Stormlight Archive Illustrations

    Here's where I'm putting my illustrations for Stormlight Archive
  2. Oh, I almost forgot, I think in terms of Mistborn stuff, I genuinely could also see Marasi as being gay (and her initial 'attraction' to waxillium being more comphet) but still, not really much potential with the existing male characters (though I wouldn't put it past Wayne to have a bit of a bi streak, seeing as he was perfectly content with Melaan using a male body)
  3. Honestly I'd love for cosmere to have more gay characters, especially because the ones we do have aren't really at the forefront. For example, Shallan is technically an LGBT protagonist because she was confirmed by Brandon to be bisexual (if my memory serves me correct, i dont have a WoB about it on hand though) but functionally, she serves as straight because she has yet to have any real passing interest in anyone besides male characters (other than her debatable infatuation with Jasnah in WoK but I don't really think that counts because it wasn't INTENDED to be attraction to her) and I think it would be great to explore that more. Right now I don't know if any of the ongoing cosmere stories have much potential for a gay male protagonist though, but i would be open to it. I could see it very possibly that when Renarin has more of a focal point, he could be written to be gay alongside everything else, but I wouldn't bet on it because nothing has really hinted on it at the moment, which sucks. I think right now the character slated to be openly gay in stormlight beyond Drehy is probably Jassnah, as it's already been implied she doesn't really have a desire for a relationship with men. Therefore I think it'd be pretty likely her sexuality gets explored in the future. Idk, I have a good many personal headcanons on character sexuality but this is more talking about things that would actually be done in canon. (but feel free to ask me about my headcanons as well! I enjoy talking about them).
  4. theropunk

    Stormlight Archive Character Designs

    These are the designs I am working on for the characters in Stormlight Archive. Not for anything official, and all the artistic liberties I take are purely my own headcanons. Feel free to put your own input on my designs, but don't be rude about it.
  5. Hi! I've been a cosmere fan for like 6 years now but haven't really interacted with the online fandom much, and thought i should change that! i'm an artist and have been drawing fanart for a lot of cosmere related stuff for years in my personal time but never really shared it, but I'd love to start posting it here
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