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    is it in imagination i inquire
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    to be honest, im lost most of the time
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    yk, just the usual interests like emu football

    also drawing, watching movies, anime, music, learning everything, daydreaming, psychology, philosophy, computer science, people, stars, epic themes, snakes, cats and DRAGONS

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  1. *looks around* 

    Why is no one saying happy birthday? This is EMI! She's amazing!! 

    to be honest, i forgot it was her birthday, and i feel bad about that, so...at least I can say happy birthday now! And hopefully get a few more people to show up with some birthday wishes for one of my very best friends!

    So happy birthday Emi! May you have a much much more wonderful one next year, and even better the year next, ad infinitum!

    :wub::wub::wub: You are the best.

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