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  1. @Ookla the Maybe-Existent The sitting room was on the second floor but luckily many lords like their rooms to overlook their gardens. There is a tree below you that you mange to use to partially slow your fall. You hit the ground roughly but unhurt. You hear people break into the room above but are concealed under the tree. Guards patrol the wall that circles the garden looking outward into the night. @xinoehp512 @Coda @GoWibble @Karger @ChickenLiberty Corvus walks back into the room a while later face grave. "Avanti has not returned and it is well past sunset. We'll have to presume he is captured and move out of this safehouse." he hands Karger a list. "This is the manor houses in opposition to ar target. As much opposition as there is anyway. i have a man outside to lead you to a new safe location where you can pass the night and launch your mission in the morning. I need to stay here to destroy evidence and get people to new places. I'll see you after the mission." With the look of a man with to many things to do Corvus hurries out of the room.
  2. @Ookla the Maybe-Existent Samantha leaned back in utter shock as she heard not her lord's voice but the rough voice of a more common person. "But..my lord..what is going on?" She seemed to deliberate for a second and then, "You look like him but you sound different and I thought you were behaving oddly. Guards, Guards!" she screams. Instantly feet begin to rush down the hallway as Samantha turns back to you. "What did you do the real Franklin?"
  3. @Ookla the Maybe-Existent Samantha gives a light laugh and resumes her seat next to you. "Thank you dear your looking handsome as well. I wondered if you could meet with my father and formally arrange the details of our marriage? Horrid accident that it was delayed like that due to unrest in the streets. I simply can't wait to formally move in and be allowed to enjoy your company through the night hours."
  4. @xinoehp512 @Coda @GoWibble @Karger @ChickenLiberty "I can give a few houses that are politically opposed to this house. If you want to talk amongst yourselves and get some sleep I have a few things I need to attend to. I'll send up the names of some houses so you can forge the documents." Corvus nods to you all and steps down the stairs.
  5. @xinoehp512 @Coda @GoWibble @Karger @ChickenLiberty "Excellent! Now that you've all agreed its up to you to determine your plan of attack. I believe Zaire mentioned forging documents?" @Ookla the Maybe-Existent Samantha pours you some tea and passes the cup. As she leans forward you smell jer heavy perfume. "I suppose it was alright though fraught with loneliness in your absence. drink some tea dear your voice is sounding strange. Would you like me to send for the physician? A cold perhaps?"
  6. @Karger Of course the pay will come on time. Which is after you complete the mission. Thank you for your willingness the help this city now matter how much out of money and greed it is.
  7. @xinoehp512 @Coda @GoWibble @Karger @ChickenLiberty "So" Corvus asks after answering Wibblo's question. "Will you accept the mission. Will you show the undercity and unrest the nobles?"
  8. @Feruchemical Skybreaker "I knew you would think so! Now lets have a few more drinks tonight. To out past friendship and future city changing!"
  9. @Feruchemical Skybreaker "Yes I swear by my position as a Skybreaker. Now there is a little rebellion that I became part of. When I told them that I would try to recruit you they thought I was crazy and they couldn't trust you even if you voted to help. So i am sorry but we'll need to stay separate even as we work toward the same goal. So head back to your place and tell the government you are returning to the skybreakers home. Unless..." Jarson suddenly grew excited. "What if you still worked for them but as a double agent? A spy on the inside?"
  10. @xinoehp512 "No we want the undercity to know what we can do and we shall tell them. We want the nobles to not know it was us because we are still to weak to survive a direct investigation. The undercity will band with us while the nobles are looking at each other." Corvus elaborates. @Feruchemical Skybreaker "Agreeing to disagree isn't enough! I was trying to tell you gently but I need your help. I used to work as a bodyguard for the Governor and I heard he is planning something to "put these peasants into hand and get this city for the rich". Considering everything the government already this can't be good. I quit and decided to do something. The law is not good and the people who make it even worse. So whatever they plan now I plan to do something.about it first. But i need your help. Two skybreakers can persuade the rest of them. I believe Nale has revealed to me a special mission. Now will you help?"
  11. "I don't know for sure but it is very possible there will be along with twenty or so regular guards. The manor is not one of the crazy fortress ones. We're starting out easier forst.I am completely confident that your talents will be more than the possible investiture users.
  12. @GoWibble @Coda @ChickenLiberty @xinoehp512 @Karger Corvus nods gleefully. "Yes that should come in handy in the future. Well done Pikes. Now I have a job for the five of you including Liberty and Avanti if he returns in time. Your job is to absolutely ramsack this lord's manor who has been speaking against the workers of this city. Burn it, kill him, the works. What's more you need to deflect any suspicion from us. I don't know how you would do that possible blame another lord or undercity crew, but make sure it gets done. I want the noble gone, if not dead then somewhere no one can hear him and his property destroyed. This will show to the peasants and workers that the rebellion is serious and show the city what we can do." Corvus's voice rises as he gives the short speech speaking passionately and viciously against the aristocracy of the city. He gives the location of the manor house on the opposite side of the city from were Avanti is. You are to strike tomorrow stopping at the inn to collect Liberty who will be there from his safe house. How to accomplish this is up to you.
  13. Inside the door is a lavish but comfortable sitting room. Their is a fire in the hearth against the west wall (the one to the left) and many couches and chairs are scattered about the room. Windows face the rapidly darkening grounds across the room. Sitting in one of the couches by the fire is a young lady and reclining dressed in a silky full dress. A small table in front holds a teapot and tw tea cups along with small biscuits. The lady ( your intelligence says her name is Samantha Strallear) turns and her face lights up when she sees you standing there. "Dear you have returned." her voice was light and articulate. "You must be exhausted. Sit and have some tea. I don't really understand why you had to go make the trade deal with the merchants down in that horrible undercity. Couldn't they have come here?"
  14. @Feruchemical Skybreaker "Well your not going to bring stability how you are. Each time you kill or arrest just makes it easier for the nobles to bring ruin. Now if you do what I do we can overthrow the nobles and bring stability by using the law as it should.Your right this Sector needs stability then we can fix the law to keep the stability." @Ookla the Maybe-Existent The footman who doubles as a servant nods and leads the way respectfully to the door. There he leads you into an intricately decorated house up stairs and down hallways. at last you reach a door that is very fancy. The servant bows and retreats leaving you to enter at your pleasure.
  15. @xinoehp512 Corvus raps up what he was saying then turns to you. "Ah Pikes your back. Perfect timing as I want to introduce you to these three people. All are Investiture users of some skill who have decided to help the rebellion. One more should be coming tomorrow. Gentlemen this is Pikes one of our best men. Was your mission a success? Did you get the noble without alarm?" @Feruchemical Skybreaker "If the nobles can not follow the law so easily then there is something wrong with the law. They're so corrupt that they ignore the law and so we can't, shouldn't, defend it. we should throw down this old city and make a new one with a law that actually works and is right enough to make people obey."
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