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  1. On the topic of tags were I to see (for example) an annotation without the annotation tag should I add the annotation tag as a suggestion?
  2. Unfortunately only "The Scadrian System Diagonal" image is visible for me but that image is really cool (and hopefully indicative of the rest of the images which I can't see). *(Edit) Oops,I just noticed the Imgur gallery and the other images are indeed as cool as I had hoped.
  3. I thought Windspren were primarily in the physical because wind is a constant while Creationspren seem more like other emotion Spren in that they are drawn to particular emotions* (or something similar, e. g. mindset) and would therefore act more like those emotion Spren. I would expect in the Cognitive Realm Creationspren would have a somewhat variable or uncertain form but I am uncertain on such matters. *(edit) And therefore are not always in the physical, we see many emotion Spren (e. g. Anticipationspren) in Shadesmar who have bodies of which only a part are visible in the Physical Realm (e. g. The Physical Realm Angerspren is just its saliva) and thus I would assume they are mostly in the Cognitive Realm unlike Windspren. They may have appeared more often because of the humans who were attracting in the Cognitive Realm when we saw them but the fact that they are only partially visible in the Physical Realm still applies.
  4. I find it unlikely that Uli Da survived due to the WoB below which seemingly implies that Odium kills vessels when splintering and Ambition was certainly splintered according to Khriss' essay (albeit in a different location). .
  5. (The highlight for emphasise is my own) (Assuming that the hack mentioned in the WoB above is what you are referring to when saying) It would seem that the hack in question is more an interaction between magic systems which may very well exist between Feruchemy and Surgebinding then on with Lifts particular ability to metabolize food into Investiture due to the aforementioned WoB which states the following. Therefore it would seem that Lift's metabolization does not affect Metalminds, even if they are unkeyed, as she can only convert nutrient's into Investiture which a Metalmind is almost certainly not. Perhaps her increased presence in the Cognitive Realm could have some effect but seemingly Metalminds and the metabolization of nutrients into Investiture do not interact.
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