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  1. We’ve seen Spren change based on culture, with my favorite example being the whole 4 genders thing. Plus, if Truthwatchers are kind of the odd men out among humans, I could understand if that trend continues among Spren. So if Ivory is off on this, I wouldn’t be surprised. Another thing to note, Wit says to Shallan “Beware anyone who claims to know the future” (or something like that I don’t have the book with me)
  2. Now that you meantion it, there is another 3 in the books. The three moons. Specifically with the story that Wit tells. I, along with many others, assumed the three was a reference to the three Shards, but considering that the end of Wits story is the blueish Natans, and (without specific memory of why) I think that the Aimians have some connection to Natan, could that be the link to the story? Not sure how it connects, and I realize this theory is less than half baked, but at least it’s another 3 to cast into the mix
  3. Granted. you step onto the podium as Khriss hands you your diploma. Khriss calls up the next graduate as you leave the stage. Upon further inspection you notice that you have received Shash as your mark. Dangerous. Do Not Employ. Known to make egregious math errors. Graduated to rid us of them. Only now do you hear the cheering coming from the gathered crowd. Who did the professor call? Thinking back you remember. Mater, Alma. You’ve graduated together. Confused, you turn around, receiving a face full of spit. Realization dawns. ”I still can’t believe it” Alma says, extending a hoof. “Me, the first Llama to graduate Silverlight” Alma the Llama. Summa Cum Laude. Graduating class of 5778 CSY (Cosmere Standard Year) I wish to grow the Royal Locks upon my head
  4. Forks. Knives. Spoons. But most importantly, Forks. Brandon Sanderson is as far as possible from random. Every word, character interaction, response, and idea matches with something else. Except Forks. Until today. There are two character’s we know of to have shown a fascination with these quad-pointed eating utensils: Wayne, and everybody’s favorite Ruin spiked crazy old Mistborn sensei, Gemmel. The obvious first thought (as shown in the thread title) is a blood relation, but anything could be. Reincarnation? Survivorist spin-off religion? Only time, and perhaps a WoB, will tell
  5. You can’t read Emperor’s Soul without wondering how Brandon Sanderson has the genius to write so well. Easily his best work, piling incredible world building, impeccable attention to detail, character development to rival any other other, all in 175 pages of pure artistic talent. Passion, love, adventure, magic, stuffed into a tiny room in the back of a palace. I can’t properly describe the emotion I feel reading and rereading this masterpiece. This book Forged my soul. Im not usually the type to post something just to complement, but this story is absolutely breathtaking. (rant over)
  6. I could see Szeth’s book having very little to do with the Skybreakers as I assume his flashbacks will take place before he was named ‘truthless’ I have the e-book, so no idea there. But the fact that it’s Jasnah (I think) on the cover shows that cover art doesn’t indicate anything about the book. About not seeing Division, we got a glimpse, which is basically all we got of the Bondsmith Surges in this book, as well as Soulcasting in WoR (the Lightweaver book). Also, I think there’s a WoB that specifically says that the first two books are Windrunner and Lightweaver. I’d guess that it’s about seeing a character going through steps in understanding their Order, which Kaladin, Shallan, and Szeth do, but Dalinar doesn’t. He just kind of progresses without much understanding (at least on our part)
  7. So do we have confirmation (via WoB) that Oathbringer was the Bondsmith book? Brandon has confirmed that just because a books flashback is about one character, doesn’t mean the Knights Radiant Order focused on in the book has to be theirs. My question stems from the fact that other than Dalinar’s whole Unity thing going on, which we don’t understand yet anyway, plus a little showcase of his Surges, how much info did we get about Bondsmiths in general. (As I write this I realize there were all the conversations about the Sibling, but still, not that much stuff) On the other hand, we learn ALOT about Nale and the Skybreakers, their training, their hierarchy, their mindset, their ideals. In fact, this is the only Order of Radiants that we’ve seen even hinting at the 5th ideal. I haven’t seen much about this but if I’m missing something, please fill me in
  8. I’m not sure if this counts as a Cosmere reference, but the feeling Kaladin describes when trying to take the Stormlight from Shallan’s Lightweaving is extremely similar to what Vin, Sazed, and Wax describe when trying to use someone else’s Metalmind
  9. With this whole discussion, keep in mind that Syl has mentioned 4 genders of Spren. Maybe they is used because there isn’t an english pronoun for them
  10. I’m not convinced that Jezrien is dead. Ash could have been feeling his soul being moved somewhere else, not necessarily into the Spiritual Realm
  11. Szeth is the natural foil to Yelig-nar as the only person we know of (along with, i assume, other shin) to have trained with all 10 surges. Side point, could someone bind 5 honorblades and have all the surges at once?
  12. Szeth says in OB that there is a godlike Spren in the Peaks.
  13. Regardless of wether the gods are the shards or the Spren, I have two problems with the Nightwatcher being the Spren of Cultivation. 1st of all, Rock and Szeth both indicate that Cultivation’s Spren is in the Horneater peaks, not the Nightwatcher’s valley. 2nd, Cultivation refers to the Nightwatcher as her daughter, a relationship never mentioned by the Stormfather. 3rd, didn’t the Stormfather explicitly say that the Nightwatcher is not one of the siblings? (Side theory: the Nightwatcher reminds me of an upgraded Cultivationspren) How exactly Spren work is a moot point. We know that the essence of things is shaped by people. And of course the Stormfather and Cultivation’s Spren aren’t affected by people forgetting about them. Nobody does. In fact, being both are worshipped by different societies.
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