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  1. Could an Edgedancer or Truthwatcher use rockbud seeds as a throwable weapon i.e. infuse the seed with stormlight and throw it so that when it hits the target it is a fully grown rockbud?
  2. Happy Birthday!

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      Happy Birthday (again)! Hope things are alright!

  3. Okay, but as a Radiant, he won't be able to bond with or wield it. Plus he is a pacifist and won't fight anyway. So who would he give it to?
  4. It's been a while since I've read Oathbringer so I may have forgotten but does anyone know what happened to Helaran's shardblade after Amaram died?
  5. does this mean that there is the possibility that Shallan might have these "throat teeth?" Just wanted everyone to think about that image
  6. I just reread the Ellista interlude in Oathbringer, and can’t help noticing some similarities the book she reads and in universe characters. Namely Shallan Kaladin and Adolin. So I propose the theory that in a future novel hoid will be a love interest along with two other men for a single woman.
  7. Helena hopped out of the cab, excitement practically glowing on her face. It was her first day in the big city, but she already knew that she loved it. The people, the buildings. There was something magical about it. Of course, she thought that about a lot of things that were new to her. She began to make her way down the street, the spring in her step making her copper earnings bounce. She always wore them. They contained important information. Though, others would probably have a different definition of ”important” than her. Regardless, if she hadn't put those memories in them she probably would have forgotten them ages ago. She was infamous back home for her atrocious memory, only the things she stored in a coppermind would she be able to recall. Her mother lovingly called her “my forgetful archivist”. She shook herself back to the present, to the buildings that stretched to infinity. She reached into one of her earrings and pulled out the time of her appointment. 2:30 at the Elendel public library. She had an interview for a job there. Her Feruchemical abilities had no doubt had a hand in helping her land this job. She shoved the note back into her earring, Helena still had plenty of time before she had to be there. She could explore the city. After wondering a couple of blocks she spotted a cafe. It was shoved into a corner on the bottom floor of a skyscraper, like a book underneath the leg of a table to make it stop wobbling. Inside she was surprised to find not many people. One would think that in such a big city like this with so many people, shops like this would always have a huge line. Behind the counter a bored looking young woman stood with her forearms resting on the countertop. Her name tag read “Selrith”. What an odd name. Helena paused, noticing the dauntingly large menu. She had definitely never seen its like back home, with what looked like over fifty different variations of coffee alone. Not to mention all the other beverages listed. Daunted, she decided to just get a pastry instead. She looked down at the display and found the confections to be of little relief to her conundrum. “You new in town?” The girl behind the counter asked in an amused voice. Helena nodded sheepishly. “That obvious huh?” The girl snickered, “Yeah, I’ve never seen anyone so terrified of pastries before.” “In my defense, that is way too many flavors of coffee. What even is a ‘thugs morning brew’?” ”It’s basically a regular cup of coffee with some pewter flakes sprinkled in for an extra kick. I have to ID for that one for obvious reasons.” ”Okay but still there’s just so many!” Selrith chuckled, ”Do you need help deciding?” Helena let out a defeated sigh. ”Yes, please.”
  8. Would a listener be able to “hear”(for lack of a better term) an allomancer burning metals?
  9. Does anyone know definitively how to pronounce Tillaume?
  10. would a bronze misting be able to sense the listener rhythms?
  11. I just listened to the most resent shardcast and it reminded me of the scene in words of radiance where Renarin helps Adolin prepare for his duel. it is probably one of the most realistic and relatable moments in their relationship, that moment where Renarin goes through the checklist of all of their superstitious rituals is exactly the kind of relationship that two brothers would have in real life.

  12. Would it be possible to use hemalergy to steal knowledge or memories from someone?
  13. Selrith never liked fog. It was just too spooky, and you couldn't see anything through it. Luckily for Selrith though, that went both ways. She crouches on the flat top of a four story building in the business district of Gandcy. Her target, directly below her, lies a drawer of the office of some bureaucrat with a three foot pole constantly shoved up his rear. Sel retrieves a rope from her pack and stuck the hook tied to the end into the gravel roof. Then, silently, hops over the low wall that runs around the perimeter of the roof and slides down the rope to a window on the third floor. Reaching out with a gloved hand, she slowly pulls the window open. So far so good, no alarm. Sel refrains from releasing the tension in her chest as she creeps into the meeting room. Like a panther through a jungle, she prowls across the room and into the hallway. She turns right and delves deeper into the building toward her quarry. After a quick search she finds what she's looking for. A storage room filled to the brim with filing cabinets. Sel reaches into her pocket and pulls out a slip of paper with a number on it. Now the real search begins, she thinks to herself. Selrith takes a glow stick from her pocket and snaps it causing a faint green light to illuminate a few of the filing cabinets near her. Over the next few minutes she flits from cabinet to cabinet, periodically checking the slip of paper in her hand. Finally she stops, glow stick held close to a drawer labeled with the number 16. Tentatively she pulls the drawer open and begins flipping through the papers inside. Halfway through her third pass through them she stops and pulls out one of the papers. Now to make my escape. She makes her way back toward her entrance window. With the window in sight she stands up strait and turns on the iron within her belly. A warm feeling fills her and blue lines extend from her chest to the bits of metal around her. She sidles up onto the window and prepares to jump seeking out a good anchor point. Suddenly the building behind her erupts with lights and alarms. Freaking Ruin! She slips off of the window sill and begins to plummet toward the pavement. Panicking she latches onto the hook she spiked into the roof. Her gut wrenches as she stops falling suddenly and she swings into the brick wall of the building. Sel curses herself for becoming so careless. They must've had a seeker on guard duty She slowly releases her hold on her anchor and slides to the ground taking off at a run into the nearest alley as soon as she hits the ground. She turns off her iron and jumps into a large garbage bin, heart pounding. She swims herself beneath the pile of full trash bags sending a prayer to Harmony that the cops don't bring a coinshot or lurcher that could detect her extra vials of metal. To be continued(?)
  14. I think it would be fun to be able to just store up sleep be able to eat as much as I want without feeling full. So I guess feruchemy would be my first choice. But I also think being a lurcher would be incredibly useful and that it is a very underrated ability.
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