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  1. Thats the continuation on the black prism series? I read 2 in it but got bored, couldent stand the prism´s son, was just to whiny and annoying. Peace talks.. well, gotto get that, even if I actually look more forward to the second book in his new series.. I liked the airship, and I believe Butcher have said he will write that after peace talks? But still, its 2018 not 2017 there I suppose. Glynn stewarts Terra and Imperium (DT3) is somehting I look forward too aswell. But none compete with oathkeeper;)
  2. Ofcourse they are. Otherwise, They wouldent linger longer after death. They arent burning then.
  3. So much for staying away, oh well Yes, an honorblade is faster due to the lack of checks. If I were to get an honorblade today, I could start training with the abilities it provides. If I find a spren today, I would need to get to know the spren, I would need to say oaths, and so on and so forth. Wich means it takes more time. Aka, honorblade is faster to get to use. But your whole argument on that point is circular. Honorblades are more invested, and your proof is that they have more abilities. Ofcourse, the only proof you have for them having more abilities are that they are more invested. Wich again, the proof for is that they have more abilities. and so on and so forth. That they were created by honor, this is not an evidence in favor of them being more invested. He in a conflict with Odium at the time. He was not going to waste investiture by slapping more into the honorblade than what was needed. If what we have seen is what honorblades are, then they are less invested then sprenblades. Yes, there is always the chance that there is more we dont know, but as for that, well, we dont know it. How the connected to honor part of the honorblade works, wether it is just a stormlight funnel is yet to be seen.
  4. So you mean shards(honor in this case) on purpose put in more investiture then needed into objects, either cause they willingly waste it, or because they are less competent then sprens. Possible, but sounds unlike to me. Well, youll need a wob or something on that, if you claim that whenever a shardblade it is less then 6 foot tall they keep the majority of theyr investiture away. Because.. its really far fetched. Thats straight from the books so you´ll haveto read words of radiance again then. Its Syl who sais it, near the end.. "without the checks a spren requires." It means with an honorblade you can do whatever you want, as opposed to a radiant who cant. I take you you do know that when you do not follow a sprens purpose, they eventually dies when you go far enough, like Syl does. There is no such limit on an honorblade. The wielder can do whatever. *edit: Realized this is so much offtopic and really isnt fair for TS; so dropping this discussion/derailing of his thread;)
  5. Interesting and original theory. How would this fit with "wicked thing of emminence" wich caused the recreance according to Shallans book? Still, its a theory wich provides a possibly sufficent motivation for Radiants to kill their sprens, and that takes some doing. Myself, I think its more likely that they too were tricked into thinking that somehow radiants would cause the desolations to return, the way Nale thought, but I havent managed to think up a way that could have happened. Still, upvote for original and interesting theory.
  6. For the size parts, no, it doesent have anything to do with physical size at that point. since a spren can shrink to fork size and still contain its full investiture, it does not need to be 6 foot long. So size is not an issue in this. You need to go back to the first post and reread, cause your not reading what your replying to(or atleast not understanding, wich may well be why you think post quality have decreased). I am talking about physical size and you reply with amount of breaths wich is just irrelevant at that point. Thus it could theoretically contain much more then it does while at full size to then hold the same "investiture density" as the forksized blade. Then you argue about nightblood being the most invested and more invested then a shardblade, again, noone is disputing this, there is a WoB on it, stop making up arguments for others and then arguing against those. And no, I meant Honorblade, wich is a type of shardblade. Because the honorblade does the same as a spren does but less well. The books concur on this - in bonding with the radiants the spren copied what Honor/Tanavast did with the honorblade, and frankly, they do it better(as they require less stormlight to power the effects) Thus, honorblades are likely _less_ powerfull than a spren/regular shardblade. If it was more powerful, the spren would not be able to not only copy it, but to actually make it better. And in addition to this be sentient and learn wich an honorblade can´t. The only thing that makes an honorblade seem more powerful is that it does not have any checks in place wich makes it faster. But faster to use is not stronger.
  7. Only blades with live spren can change shape. Its possible I suppose that a blade took a different shape when it was to be abandoned during the recreance, its just that we have never seen that so its really unlikely. I dont know dark souls, but a claymore in history was between 3 and 4 feet, including the handle. If its a tad smaller then 3 feet or so. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Claymore And yes, I called it Radiant blade instead of live sprenblade in my post, but it being the third type Brandon spoke of is fairly clear. Either way, the wob that its difficult to remove a spren from Roshar seem to be the big thing so can drop the size discussion really since it dont matter no more.
  8. yeah, im thinking something like 1 stormlight every 2.5 years or so. the last it was almost 4 between 1 and 2 if I remember right.
  9. Coppermind states that all regular shardblades are 6 feet long thou, so if so it would be wrong aswell. We have at no time seen any mention of a dead spren shardblade that did not fit that description. The only exceptions are Honorblades and radiant blades(and nightblood) "There are at least three types of Shardblades[1]. Out of those, two types have been identified. Shardblades of the first type are about six feet long and a handspan wide and have only one edge. Those are the more common Shardblades." http://coppermind.net/wiki/Shardblade
  10. What does how many breaths it contain have to do with physical size? For it to work, Also, 1000 breaths is alot., and there really arent that many powerfully invested things around that could compete. Honorblades are not that much more then a locked in place spren on powerlevels. Yup. I seem to recall there was notice about an oddly small shardblade.. but cannot find it now. Not 100% certain that this was relating to Szeth´s blade. Either way, when you are fighting the mythical assassin in white, its doubtful if your going to stop and think about the unlikely size of his weapon. There might well be something else in there. I just dont think a spren would make that big a difference, a spren is weaker then 1000 breaths in my mind, it wouldent make that big of a change to Nightbloods powerlevel.
  11. Nightblood is nowhere near large enough to have a "dead" shardblade inside of it, and their not supposed to be able to change once dead. Suppose there might be some way around it, if there was a spren(I doubt it myself) would it not have been more likely she caught a live one and brought back, altering it somehow? About being leaky and this not fitting with Endowment, so are Returned. If they werent, they wouldent need another breath every week to stay alive. Its not impossible, but to me it dont feel right.
  12. His focus have also been somewhat divided with stormlight. First wheel of time, then wax and Wayne who came unplanned. I think we can expect to have bok 4 and 5 come faster then 2 and 3 did. After 5 Id be expecing a pause thou. He said hed likely write the second planned mistborn triology then if my memory serves. Then again, he always talks about mixing project up to keep things interesting, so its all just guessing
  13. The kolloss is more of a pain then allomancers tbh. If the first ones dies, as long as there are human civilians around the final empire would just make more, all they need to do is to make a small spike. A few million of those and well...especially as they really dont need training or very fancy equipment. A few thousand misting and some dozen mistborns and inquisitors while nasty, is no threat by comparison. Theyd just be used for assasinations really. Each radiant would kill hundreds of kolloss surely, but then theyd run out of stormlight. Parshendi warform might match a kolloss, but there are nowhere as many. Elite soldier might match them, but most soldiers wont.
  14. Also, that Baxil explanation. Thats inworld. Inworld characters arent always right. Even if its Pov, they might be wrong. But also yeah, Mr T asked for the capacity to save the world. We dont know if he got it.
  15. IF you want to include the stormfather who is the caretaker of much of a dead shard, then you would haveto include TLR while holding the well of ascension, he wasent quite a shard either, wich mean Roshar could collide with another of the planets in the system and be destroyed.
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