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  1. Ally stretched, releasing a yawn. She looks around at the room. “Wow, I’ve been out for a while.” She dusts herself off, wondering if anyone remembers when she wasn’t covered in a stack of books, deep in a Haitus- or well... “slumber”. “This place has quieted down a lot since the last time I was conscious.”


  3. Granted. You have the wisdom of Solomon, but only that knowledge. You have the strength of Hercules, but you get betrayed by wearing a cloak with poison (reference the story). You have the magic of Merlin, but also the tendency to avoid society. I wish for an attack lizard that only attacks who I wish for it to attack, and still retain everything I have but not be blocked from receiving more.
  4. Granted! Instead of this, everyone stands as far from you as possible, and enjoys your faliures. I wish that I could dance really well, but not be cursed to dance all the time. (So only when I want to dance)
  5. Granted! Now all of the banes that were restored are mini scaled onto you, plus everyone else’s bane. I wish I was a few inches taller and that nothing bad happened to me or anyone else because of it.
  6. If you take off a mask then you have defaced yourself.
  7. I've been so tired lately that I spent 10 minutes pondering why soap didn't get into cars.
  8. I spent 10 minutes wondering how soap doesn't get into cars when they are cleaned. Then I REALIZED: Cars don't get rainwater into them. Why on earth would soap get into them?
  9. Wow, looking back on this I'm cringing quite a bit
  10. Ally is very confused how she isn't dead yet, since she seems to have a problem with staying present. "I'M NOT DEAD YET!" she yells "TIS BUT A FLESH WOUND!". She also looks around and sees many new people. "Oh, why hello..." she suddenly becomes very self-conscious and looks around. "Are bookies still a thing? I think I might need one now..."
  11. Granted! But now the only thing you CAN eat is that cheese, causing you to lack major nutrients. I wish that I could have a perfectly heathy normal sized cat that was perfect in any way (including the fact that nobody is allergic to it, but it isn't a hairless cat), and it isn't missing any organs, tissue, limbs, sensory input, or anything, and has no extra parts whatsoever. PLS.
  12. I shall only think that which is random, Speak that which is my own, And combine those thoughts most obscure To obtain the goals of the Guild of Random Amalgamations of Thoughts Original, which are: To expand the reach of the GRATO To fill the world with Originality, Creativity, and Awesomeness To read all books which which are amazing And To enjoy the creations of the mind. And I've already got a thought. Why is it that the humurous (how ever it is spelled) isn't called the funny bone?
  13. Dear (INSERT ANY QUESTION PEOPLES HERE) I heard through my acquaintances that you are selling student clones. My interests greatly require one, so if you could deliver one to me as soon as possible, it would be greatly appreciated" sincerely, a swamped student ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear swamped student. I have to remind you that cloning doesn't work fast, and by the time it looked your age right now, you would be way older and out of school. Have you only been watching sci fi movies? Cloning doesn't work like that. Sorry to crush your dreams. - The school system that got a hold of your letter. (note: cloning will soon be illegal, and so you will have to report to my office pronto.) ANNNNNNND this is what happens to your mind when you have not had enough sleep. WhOOp deeeee DOOOOP.

  15. Ally crawls in "Ak. Just survive a bout of final projects. Missing ... Too... Much... Reading... Time..." But more... Are coming." Ally falls dramatically to the floor. A few seconds later she sits up and says " okay, it's also a Monday. That explains it better."
  16. We had someone over once , and our bird flew onto his head. he was the chosen one. But really nobody's been over since. And I don't know why...
  17. That face you make when you say a pun. At least I make this face. I say a lot of puns, so this face is regularly made by me.
  18. "Woah! Our names are kinda silmilar!" Ally observes. "Are we related or something?
  19. I AM DEFINETLY NOT SOMEONE WHO USED TO FREQUENT THIS SITE OFTEN..... or am I? *mysteriously backs off while waving arms infront of self.
  20. No, but it is... Interesting. upvote to the first person who gets the reference.
  21. Who ever wrote Peter Pan: Kaladin flies through Shallan's window, with sylkerbell following behind. He digs through the assorted chests in her room, looking for something. "Little boy, what are you doing?" Kaladin spins around to she Shallan staring at him. -later- "you can't leave! We need you to be our mother, and draw pictures for us!" The lost bridge 4 boys cried. -to be continued-
  22. "I've got some right here!" Ally announces, running toward the newcomer. She trips, and the plate of bookies flies out of her hands and lands... right on the floor.. "Sorry" ally says. " I'm clumsy.
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