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  1. I asked Brandon a WoB at BookCon that I couldn't quite post until Skyward came out! I don't remember anything close to the exact wording, sorry about that. This is all EXTREME paraphrasing. Me: "Is Spensa's race left intentionally vague in Skyward?" Brandon: "Yes, it is." Me: "So how do you feel about the new US cover, which depicts Spensa as white?" Brandon: "That's something the publisher decides unfortunately."
  2. I finally got my Khakh glyph mask painted! I do Historical European Martial Arts and study Liechtenauer's German Longsword. Khakh means "determination", which is something that's important to me throughout all of my training and sparring matches. Hope you guys like it! Painted by my longsword instructor. Thanks to Isaac from Dragonsteel for making all of the awesome glyphs in the Stormlight Archives.
  3. I'll be there! May even try for a Mistborn cosplay!
  4. @Minion5051 I think they're pretty different honestly, a few similarities but I don't think there's any real connection here.
  5. Sorry, what is the title of the second book? I haven't heard of it yet.
  6. Hi! It wasn't in the Coppermind because it's new! I got it in an email. Maybe someone wants to add it...?
  7. Hey, I hate Amaram just as much as the next person, but he's got great glyphs! Merem, honor, and khakh, determination. I want to paint khakh on my fencing mask for Historical European Martial Arts (German Longsword) and I think determination is a defining trait that I have and always want to keep during my training. Even though I'm often at a disadvantage because of my small size, I'm determined to give each fight my all and never give up. I accept that I may have a steeper hill to climb than others with my training, but I'm determined to be the best fighter I can be anyway.
  8. Here is Isaac's rendition of the khakh glyph! It means "determination" and is a glyph that appears in The Way of Kings as a part of a glyphpair on Amaram's banners.
  9. Hey, I wasn't aware that it was released, thanks!
  10. This looks awesome! What program did you use to make it?
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