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  1. Someone in my school put the First Ideal of the Radiants on the board in my stats classroom before my class, and it’s bugging me that I don’t know who they are!!!! I just want to find this other Sanderfan!
  2. The Stormlight Archive is in the latter half of the Cosmere timeline, according to a WoB that I found... somewhere... I do realize that there are many many books to be written still, but it could be that Stormlight is nearer to the end of the timeline than we thought.
  3. Is there any possibility that the someone convinced the Radiants that their bonds would bring about another Desolation? Kind of like the Heralds?
  4. When you spend all of your phone battery on the Shard... I mean, mixed reasons, including Oathbringer, but still, it’s been all afternoon... my mom is going to kill me if she finds out...
  5. Granted, but it gets carried away by the biggest eagle anyone has ever heard of. I wish for world peace. (Don’t know if that’s been done yet)
  6. There are just so many ways this could be interpreted right now. It’s kind of crazy.
  7. So do you think that maybe the destruction of the humans’ old world because of similar powers drove them to abandon their oaths?
  8. Good theory; I’ve heard of similar ideas, and supposedly Dalinar Ascended, so he could possibly be in a position to do so IF he had access to all the shards of Adonalsium. I don’t know, but it gets me thinking...
  9. Horneaters and Herdazians are part Singer. I just saw it in another thread, I don’t remember which, but basically Horneaters have extra jaw bones and Herdazians have carapace-like nails from a cross-breeding or something a long time ago.
  10. When you finally finish Oathbringer (ignoring all else but the essentials), and feel like you can never read another book again. Unfortunately I have to read other books for English...
  11. As far as I can tell, the unmade are spren, and so they are not at all what the Heralds are to the Radiants. However, I do think that the Fused that are the leaders, like the one that bonded to the body of Venli’s once-mate, could possibly be similar to the Heralds, but for Voidbringers.
  12. It is true that we know now that Voidbinding in humans is possible, but do keep in mind that the majority of Skybreakers are also siding with Odium, so it doesn’t really mean that being ok with Odium taking over means it was a Voidspren bond. Also, Renarin sides with the Radiants, even though he is not one, so it doesn’t necessarily prove that Malata bonded with a Voidspren. Still, it’s possible...
  13. I don’t know? My mom thinks it’s an incentive but the point is to reduce anxiety, not raise it through the roof. Thing is, it isn’t working out so well for me. Maybe she’ll change her mind? (I hope)
  14. When your mom says you might not be able to read Oathbringer when it comes out (6 days!!!) because you don’t have your drivers license, and you are legitimately terrified because Sanderson is life... seriously, it’s making me anxious!
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