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  1. In the meantime, readers of ASoIaF are pleading G.R.R.M. spends full time in writing.
  2. At first, it seems so with all those mustard jokes. (Speaking of which, I confess I also try to persuade a coworker eating mustard from time to time, because that guy is too picky on food.) But with story moves forward, no, they're clearly not Wax and Wayne clones. These two protagonists have fatal moral flaws.
  3. DataLoreHD


    There are quite a few DC & Marvel graphic novels adapted into audio books by GraphicAudio. Maybe you can expect GraphicAudio version in the future. But don't expect it to happen soon.
  4. Kindle APP is horrible for reading comics, because of bad UI and low-quality image. But comiXology offers Lift level awesomeness. In some cases, even better reading experience than physical copy. To those who already bought Kindle edition, you should download comiXology APP from Apple or Android app store, and sign in with your Amazon.com account. Then you can download "White Sand" without paying extra money.
  5. I'm resurrected. Thanks a lot, Botanica & Chaos.
  6. When Megan regenerated, could she do the same thing as Scarlet Witch? "NO MORE EPIC!"
  7. The first "error" is in fact not error at all. In David's POV, she is constantly referred as "High Epic". Only Tia reclaimed that Regalia is not High Epic. Even the book description reads: "Babylon Restored, the city formerly known as the borough of Manhattan, has possibilities, though. Ruled by the mysterious High Epic Regalia, Babylon Restored is flooded and miserable, but David is sure it's the path that will lead him to what he needs to find. Entering a city oppressed by a High Epic despot is risky, but David's willing to take the gamble."
  8. You really didn't read carefully. Obliteration's teleportation effect was offen described as "explodes" through the whole book. For example, in Chapter 12, "I shot him again. I heard half a curse from his lips as he again exploded into shards of light." As for why David was burned, Obliteration grabbed David's shoulders and burnt it before he said thanks and teleported away.
  9. Okay, rethink of the whole scenario, I have a theory. It really had nothing to do with whether or not Regalia could trust Obliteration with her secrets. On contrary, it was a risk she had to take in order to enlist Obliteration, to show her sincerity in the matter: "Look, I'm dying. I didn't lie when I said you could destroy my city. Spark, it won't be my city after I pass away. But I need your help dealing with Jonathon first."
  10. Although Dawnslight was taken captive and relocated to New Jersey, he could only watch over Babilar. He didn't know where both himself and Regalia were. This fact should indicate Obliteration was operated in Babilar. So why did Regalia bring Obliteration to her secret hideout in New Jersey? It really makes no sense at all. Unless there was some certain reason (which Mr. Sanderson have not told us yet) Regalia could totally trust or controll Obliteration.
  11. By "explodes", it meant he transferred away. He now knows how to overcome his weakness, so he thanked David and then dropped out Regalia's game. I think he'll return in the next book, maybe as an ally to fight against Calamity.
  12. Maybe David was not used to using tensor powers with bare hands. He only used the gloves before, which took him lots of time to practice for accuracy. And Calamity knows what could happen when using tensor in water.
  13. Megan said she had suspicion. She knew David probably wasn't there, but she couldn't take any chances.
  14. Mizzy said her informant found out Regalia had brought a surgeon to Babilar. And Dawnslight said he couldn't see where Regalia was, but he witnessed Obliteration on an operating table. So I was under impression that Regalia had set up a temporary operation room in Babilar to operate on Obliteration.
  15. I have finished reading "Firefly". It's a great book, but there is one thing very confusing which I'm not sure if it's a plot hole, or I missed some details in reading process. The question is: why did Regalia let Obliteration transfer to her hidding place? It seems quite unnecessary and risky. She could order him to transfer to somewhere in Babylon, and then use her water avatar to give him instruction all the time. After all, Obliteration was a killing machine hard to controll. It's possible that Obliteration just decided to destroy her and everything else all by himself before Regalia fulfilled her plan. Even the chance was small, it's still too risky for a (non-High) Epic to expose her secret shelter.
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