Shardcast Season 1, Episode 4

Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas and happy Random Winter Solstice Holiday. Are you getting stabbed in the face? Perhaps the gut? No? You humans have such strange winter rituals. I, Inquisitor Santa, give Scadrial with far superior offerings. At least, to the most brutal of taskmasters, who constantly whip the skaa (what you would call "the Nice list".)

But I have a busy night of people to kill and Hemalurgic spikes to grant people, so you Earthlings will simply have to live (or die, heh) with the ramblings of three other Earthlings. They discuss some "Pokemon" thing, and then there is a pale imitation of God's (Ruin's) voice, which is then referred to as "Batman". Bats are not menacing, lowly humans. Get it right. Oh, and this place called Elantris is discussed.

So, what are you waiting for? Go click below and bind this episode of Shardcast permanently into your Spiritweb.


  • Teoin is the capital of Teod, not Teoras.
  • Also, let it be known that Eric totally said "Suck it" near the end, and not anything that rhymed with that.


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I thought the Lord Ruler was Santa. I mean, he lives at the north pole, he's a religious figure of some authority who was once a mortal man raised to questionable immortality, and I really want to imagine Inquisitors pulling his sleigh, the lead one having a shiny red spike pounded up his nose.


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Doloken is hell, Brandon finds it amusing because even the word for hell in Dula sounds fun. I kind of think Jesker doesn't have any gods.

In addition to Iald (which I knew about :P) there's also the city of Rain in Arelon. Iald does make it seem likely though that there is another sea out there, maybe to the west? The Sea of Fjorden is also called the northern ocean, which implies there's an ocean in another direction as well.

I'm going to have to post my chasm theory at some point, but I think one of the major problems with Edans land is that it's actually split by the chasm. Kinda obnoxious to go around, and if it's really as large as the map implies, I'm not sure they have the technology to bridge it. Also there's mentions of mudslides, I think. All the nice fertile topsoil goes straight into that chasm.

Kiin went to Arelon to plot his next invasion of Teod, but then he fell in love with Daora, so I think she might have talked him out of his plans.

Here's my too thoughts on fewer Seons. One is that it's stated in the book that many people, like Roial, have Seons still, but they're left at home now, due to their association with Elantris. The other idea is more speculative. If Splintering isn't permanent, could the Splinters that are Seons be beginning to reform Devotion?

I also like how you mention Kaladin fan-art, the one page we actually have a canonical image for:P

When did we find out that people live in Shadesmar?

Great job guys, as always you made me laugh :D


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I would like to question your opinions on my country. The vast majority of Australian people don't look down on Aboriginal people. Their modern culture does have problems and many of them... this explanation is far too complicated, they have current problems as a culture, some of their making some imposed on them by mainstream Australian culture. Some Australians are racist and look down on them, just as some American people think black people are the scum of the earth. The rest of us want government policies to help break everyone out of the cycle of poverty including the significant portion of the aboriginal community that is there (its probably the vast number of the .

This could be interpreted as looking down on them I suppose, but it isn't.

Other than that, what book/author? I like reading local fantasy books and I don't know many...


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