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Shardcast Season 1, Episode 1


We're back, and better (allegedly) than ever! We're switching it up, and now the main Shardcast will be our podcast where we go reading through each book. No, we aren't narrating every book--we know, you're sad--but Mi'ch, Josh, and Eric are here to give you commentary on the books, annotations, and everything! And try to make it entertaining, somehow. This episode's entertainment comes from meat. Vegetarians need not apply. You'll see.

Starting off Season 1 of Shardcast, we will be reading through Elantris, and shockingly, we start at the beginning of that book, and go through Chapter 3. There's arguing about who is our favorite character, discussion of mold, beheadings, all leading up to what is surely the literal recording of the sound the Reod made. It is horrifying, because that's what Shardcast is all about. Apparently.

Quick disclaimer: if you are adamantly opposed to light innuendo, maybe sit this one out? We'll be better next time. It's all Josh and Eric's fault.

Spoiler Warning: Obviously, there will be Elantris spoilers, but we also go into a light Emperor's Soul discussion, a small Way of Kings spoiler, and slight Mistborn spoilers.

(What of the old podcasts? They are Season 0 now. Don't worry, we will have fun theoretical stuff for you theorizers. Just you wait.)

Fun Facts:

  • The title of Elantris was originally "Adonis", and was changed only after Brandon's reading group asked him what relation Greece had to his story.


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Although I am not going to listen to it yet (I haven't read Elantris, and I'd like my ears spoiler-free) I will be doing so when I have completed it. <3

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Haha loved it you guys. If they make an Elantris movie, I can't imagine the sound of the Reod could be done better then that tongue.gif

A couple quick answers to some questions you guys brought up:
1. One likely reason that the Elantrians turn foul is that they have a bad Aon constantly acting on them. The same exact thing happened to Seala, Dilaf’s wife. Raoden says otherwise, but I think he's wrong in this situation. Although you do get into complex territory when you remember that the Shaod is an effect of Elantris. I strongly agree with Mi'ch that Elantrians have a constant connection to the Dor.

2. In my opinion Seons aren’t screwed up by the Shaod because they aren’t drawing power through that Aon. It’s a discreet bit of spiritual energy, largely independent from the other Seons, except for it’s intent. As Brandon said during the Q&A, if a Seon now tried to “actualize” their Aon (sacrifice their life to use their Aon) it wouldn’t work right.

3. I think the wounded boy is healed when the city is restored, just like how Raoden’s head injury and gut wound are healed, as you so rightly said. Aiden also gets his autism cured.

4. Raoden doesn’t hate his father too much because a part of him still sees his dad as the hero he thought he was when Iadon was a merchant and Raoden was a boy.

"Yet, when news of his father's demise actually came, Raoden found his
emotions traitorously melancholy. His heart wanted to forget the Iadon of the
Iast five years, instead remembering the Iadon of Raoden's childhood. His
father had been the most successful merchant in all of Arelon-respected by his
countrymen and loved by his son. He had seemed a man of honor and of strength.
Part of Raoden would always be that child who saw his father as the greatest
of heroes."

5. The reason Hrathen doesn't recognize Dilaf is that he had his shape molded and twisted into the form of an Arelene before he infiltrated Arelon, so he looks nothing like how he did when Hrathen knew him previously.

6. I don't think Forgery can be the original plan for how Galladon functions on Roshar because TWoK was published before Brandon developed Forgery as a system.

Loved the podcast, keep them coming guys smile.gif

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We're anticipating a new episode each week. At first, it might not be the same day each week, but hopefully it should fall into a regular schedule soon.

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