Shardcast: Awakening and Breath

Have you missed PedantiCast? Well, then you're ready for this episode! Today we are talking in-depth about the magic in Warbreaker. We talk about Awakening and BioChromatic Breaths. We discuss the Heightenings and more. Also, surprisingly, lizards, and Ian returns with new pedantry.

We have Eric (Chaos), Ian (WeiryWriter), Evgeni (Argent), and David (Windrunner).

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Lift interlude:
Confirmed rsyn novella, Other character is sort of the main character of RoW:
UK Rhythm of War Cover:
Way of Kings Leatherbound Kickstarter Details:
How in the bloody world did she do that? A biological look at blood Soulcasting:

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Great episode as always! It’s one of the few podcasts I can listen to these days that dosn’t make me want to jump off a cliff.


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Posted (edited)

I wonder if any nation is better at the "future sight paintings" thing that Awakener painters can create. Perhaps there is a medium more suited for the art, or ways to make the reading more vibrant or obvious, or even commands to extract the information from the paintings/viewer. What would happen with people of higher heightenings or a returned creating the art? Could the tears of Edgli create stronger paintings? Since a radiant can see something in the paintings, this art likely could be paired with all sorts of investitures.

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Excellent episode, guys. Y'all came up with a bunch of really interesting and new to me ideas. Like the entire concept of Internal Awakening is a very plausible theory. Though... you came up with plausible examples of physical and cognitive Internal Awakening. So the raises the question of what Spiritual Internal Awakening would be. 


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