News Roundup: Rhythm of War UK Cover and Dragonsteel Kickstarter Stream

News time! The UK cover for Rhythm of War, the fourth Stormlight Archive book, has been revealed. What do you think of it? I'm told by Ben (a fan of the UK covers) that generally UK covers don't depict any particular scene but more are trying to convey an idea. I'm not sure how much analysis we can get out of this one. What are your thoughts on the cover? 

Brandon also linked to Waterstones's page on Rhythm of War, which explained how you can preorder a signed copy of the book. Neat! 

In other news, JordanCon is all online this year for obvious reasons, but that doesn't mean there's nothing going on. JordanCon is doing a few livestreams, and one in particular is happening tomorrow, April 17th, with Dragonsteel's Isaac and Kara. They are going to discuss the Kickstarter for The Way of Kings leatherbound and goodies within it. It will happen from 3pm-4pm Eastern time. (EDIT: there used to be a Zoom link for this but it appears the link was removed. I'm told there will be a livestream on YouTube.)

Isaac is also going to be on, the Spanish cosmere fansite, this Saturday. We don't have a lot of details quite yet as that's a very new announcement, but you can check information on their Instagram.

Lastly, we did a big overhaul on our 17th Shard rules, including a new, extensive Code of Conduct and more. Check it out!

Here's the full cover art:

uk rhythm of war large.jpg

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She's Vorin and has a relatively small bust. That combined with what I assume is a Shardblade makes a pretty strong case for Shallan. I'm more curious about he mushroom cloud behind her, and the tree with crystal clusters for leaves that she is standing under.


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any new on how to watch the live stream or search for it on youtube?

Update: Its on the jordancon web site now.


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