The Overlady Reads Rhythm of War, Part Five!


Welcome to the Overlady Reads Rhythm of War Part Five!!!!!

It's time for us to talk PART FIVE of Rhythm of War! Which means if you haven't read Part Five of Rhythm of War, you should not watch this video, begone, non-Rhythm of War Part Fivers! AWAY WITH YOU, DIVERT THY EYES

Right, so, it's Part Five time. Normally I'd put like a little rundown of favourites bits or highlights of the episode in the description but this Part Five? Come on, the whole thing is my favourite bit. You know what happens, I know what happens, let's just jump straight into it.

Enjoy a bit of our theorycrafting for Book Five whilst you're at it, and let me know what your favourite parts of Part Five were, as we as your top theories for Book Five!


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Can we please get a Renarin cast where his top fans discuss all things Renarin? I need the Overlay to hobnob with some unnamed other shardcasters

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Listened to this yesterday and you guys made me cry. Or I guess Brandon did because this book just had so many great parts. And then my husband started part 5 yesterday and was texting me his reactions and I about cried all over again. I have loved your reviews together. Thank you for sharing with us. 


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