Stabby Award Nominations

Happy New Year everybody! We're officially on the other side of 2020, which I think we're all thankful for in one way or another. But it wasn't all bad, especially for us Stormlight Archive fans. We have a lot to be thankful for over the last year!

One of the largest fantasy/sci-fi communities on Reddit, r/Fantasy, takes an opportunity at the beginning of each year to celebrate some of the best fantasy content and creators. We're honored to say that 17th Shard has been nominated for a few of their 2020 Stabby Awards! Our community as a whole was nominated for "Best Fantasy Site of 2020". For that, we need to give thanks for all of you for helping to make this an awesome community. Our Interactive Map of Roshar has also been nominated for "Best Related Work of 2020"! We're really proud of it, and we're glad that people have found it so useful. We love making content for the Brandon Sanderson fandom, whether it's new tools like the map, Coppermind wiki articles, or in-depth discussions on Shardcast. Again, we want to thank you all for your support, Patreon patrons in particular, which makes all of this possible. (and a delight)

Brandon himself is disqualified from several categories, on account of winning too much.... Go figure, right? But there are several Sanderson-related creations and artists that have been nominated for various awards as well! And that's to say nothing of all the other amazing fantasy content produced over the last year!

If you've got a Reddit account, we recommend checking out r/Fantasy and casting your own votes! (The account has to be at least one month old. Voting ends on January 4th.) We can guarantee you'll find some good ideas for your 2021 TBR list while you're at it! If you enjoy fantasy as much as we do, r/Fantasy is a fantastic place to discover and discuss great books, shows, games, and more!

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We actually won Best Site! Wow! 


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9 hours ago, Chaos said:

We actually won Best Site! Wow! 

You're surprised? This place is amazing.

And I may have formed an unhealthy addiction to it.


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