February 2021 Coppermind Art

Hey everyone, guess what! Our very first Coppermind Commission is ready to be revealed. After our patrons voted last month to see the interior of the honorspren stronghold, Lasting Integrity, we reached out to friend of Shardcast, Connor Chamberlain. And as always, he knocked it out of the park. 

If you want to have a hand in our next poll, act fast. Just two days left on it! If you are already a patron, check back soon for a fun behind-the-scenes look at the creation of this piece!

Thank you to all the patrons for all of your support in getting us to our $500 goal, which allows us to do awesome things like this. We hope you love it.



User Feedback

Fantastic - I've been so excited to see art from the trip to Lasting Integrity!


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