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Diceborn: Episode 10 - The Battle of Belltin

Overlord Jebus

Welcome to Episode 10 of Diceborn!

This is Episode 10 of our Mistborn Adventure Game campaign. The groups confrontation with Carrel and her band of raiders commences this episode, will their preparation of the town of Belltin save them, or are they in a little over their head?

This is an Era 2 adventure that should hopefully scratch that Mistborn vibe until The Lost Metal comes out this November.



Giveaway this week is a copy of the Mistborn Adventure Game rulebook! To enter, leave a comment down below and be subscribed. In two weeks, we'll announce the winner in the next episode!

Winners of last episodes giveaway are:

Guilherme Fernandez

Danielle Mueller


Ian Randolph

Send me an email at [email protected] and we'll get some Call to Adventures shipped out to you!

We also have our Mistborn Dice offer code "17mbdice". Spend $20 or more at https://www.crafty-games.com/ and use that offer code to receive a free set of 10 allomantic dice. Code lasts as long as stocks do.


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