December/January Coppermind Objectives

Happy holidays! We're back with another set of Coppermind objectives! What better way to enjoy the holidays than to complete a Coppermind objective or two?! We've seen a lot of great work done since we began posting these objectives. Now that we're off to a good start, we're going to slow that pace down just a bit. So if you didn't read the title for some reason, we're going to keep these objectives up for two months before putting up a new batch. Take your time and enjoy yourself!

Before getting into the new objectives, let's give a big hand to Ammcclain15, LadyLameness, Norlick, and Big Smooth for making over 25,000 bytes of edits in November. They've all earned a special award for their participation in National Novel Coppermind Writing Month! A shoutout is also deserved for Messydesk's good work on VenDell and Rebeca's great update on Vasher! Thanks for the hard work, folks!

We're continuing the initiative this month, with a brand new set of objectives. As always, we're happy for any help we can get, so don't be shy. If you're new to editing the Coppermind, don't worry; we'll help you out with guides and plenty of assistance. You don't need experience, just the will to help out! We'll also provide awards, because everyone loves fake internet points.

Without further ado, here are our objectives for December and January. November brought with it the release of Skyward. A number of awesome editors have helped get these articles moving, but we're going to put an emphasis on these for this set of objectives to keep it moving. If you're more of a cosmere person, have no fear! We've also got several wintery, holiday-themed cosmere articles that need attention! If you find something you'd like to help with, claim it here, and let us know if you have any questions! If nothing in the list below catches your eye, there are leftover objectives from previous months up for grabs in the claim spreadsheet. If you sign up for something, please say hi on Discord so that we can offer support and touch base with you!

Larger Projects

Let's start with some larger projects. These objectives will definitely require some research and a good bit of writing. Anyone is welcome to take them--we just don't want you to feel like you've bitten off more than you can chew.

1. Skyward Flight members

Most of the members of Skyward Flight need more work still. Some of them like, Spensa or Jorgen, just need a section or two beefed up, while others are mere stubs. Note that you don't have to claim ALL of these, if you're interested. Skyward Flight members include: Spensa, Jorgen, Nedd, Kimmalyn, FM, Bim, Rig, Hurl, Arturo, and Morningtide

2. M-Bot

Humans aren't the only one who deserve attention. M-Bot's article is off to a good start, but it could use a History section at the least.

3. DDF Flight School

Want to try something other than a character? We've got you covered. We spend most of a book following a bunch of students in Flight School, but this article is still a stub. We'd like to see it filled in with everything involved--acceptance, schooling, training, and graduation.

4. Vorinism

Not particularly interested in Skyward? Have no fear, we've got plenty more cosmere work that needs to be done. Vorinism still hasn't been properly updated since the Oathbringer release. We wouldn't want to leave out the Vorins this holiday season, right? This one will take a lot of research, so be sure to drop by on Discord if you need help digging up relevant info.

5. Ialai Sadeas

Not interested in Skyward AND think the holiday theme is dumb? You might be a Grinch, which means we've got just the article for you! She loves crushing dreams and complaining, and her heart is clearly two sizes too small. You should enjoy reading up on Ialai and giving her a significant update. The article right now is barely more than a stub, and primarily needs a History section.

Smaller Tasks

These are tasks that are much shorter and involve characters or topics that are minor. But, hey, minor things are important to have done too! Many of these articles are so short that they will not require separate sections. Research should be fairly straight forward. For short articles, include as much as you can possibly find about them.

1. Ranette

She's probably not full of Christmas spirit, but if you're a Scadrian lawman one of her inventions is probably at the top of your wish list. Ranette's article could use a bit of attention, particularly with regard to a proper History section. We have relatively limited information on her, so the research shouldn't be too tricky on this one.

2. The Sovereign's temple

So it's not exactly Santa's workshop, but it is covered in snow and it did hide a very special gift. Too much of a stretch? Well, regardless, we would appreciate if someone could dig into the final chapters of Bands of Mourning and flesh out what we know of this temple.

3. Horneater Peaks

Know what else is covered in snow? The Horneater Peaks! What could be more in-season than making snow forts? There's not a lot of new information here, but this article could use an Oathbringer update.

4. Lifebuster

Back to a few more Skyward things? (No, you definitely shouldn't gift anybody with a lifebuster this year.) Here's a fun little stub that shouldn't be hard for someone to carry to completion!

5. DDF Starships

One more set of Skyward articles that need attention. These don't even have articles yet! Let's at least get some basic information in on the three basic DDF ships: the Poco, the Largo, and the Scout. If you've never started an article from scratch, just ask for some help on Discord and we'll set you up.

What's in it for me?

We want to motivate people to help, so we will be giving out Coppermind awards for the users in the coming months with the most edits, and we'll also give out awards if you contributed to one of these items. They'll be on your user page for all to see.

Here's a look at our top editors from the last month!

Most Contributions

1. Ammcclain15 - 53,849 bytes

2. Norlick27 - 32,974 bytes

3. Big Smooth - 28,703 bytes

4. Reinhartmax - 13,785 bytes

5. Rebeca - 7,466 bytes

Objective Completions

1. Rebeca & Messydesk - 1 Major, 0 Minor

2. Big Smooth & Thurin - 0 Major, 1 Minor

How do I to start?

The most important thing is to be bold! Content is hard to write, but we can always format your stuff if it doesn't quite match conventions. MediaWiki notation may appear scary at first, but the best way to learn is through experience. If you're interested, we have lots of guides to help: Help:Contents.

It does very much help to have ebooks so you can find instances of a specific word or person. (This is extremely helpful for minor characters). If you have physical books, ask us and we can help you determine this so you don't need to reread the whole text. We can also direct you towards some good articles to use as a go-by.

Come join us on the dedicated Coppermind Discord, or come chat in the #coppermind channel on the 17th Shard Discord. We are really happy to help!

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I believe Morningtide's article now has all the information on her that we have.


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