Cite the Sanderson Challenge!!

Eric and Jessie face off in an intense battle to be crowned King or Queen of cosmere knowledge! Who will win? Internet brownie points up for grabs, and bragging rights forever, for the champion!

Cite the Sanderson tag created by Katie from Captured in Words!

Tags for Challenge:
Captured in Words - Katie and Jay (dare you to do the harder edition :P) -
Overlord and Overlady - Ben and Lucy - (yes I just tagged our own channel, don't @ me, it looked weird if I left one blank xD)
Daniel Greene -
Merphy Napier -


Edited by Chaos


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If you get a point for the book + a point for the POV, I got 12. Eric's excerpts were more of a challenge for me! :lol:


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I definitely wouldn't have done better than either of you two. You guys chose reaaaally hard ones!


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