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August 2022 Art Commission


Alright, hopefully you've had enough time to relax after all these commissions of Kelsier's crew, because today we have a big one for you! 
This last August was the first time we got to spend our newly-expanded art budget on a single piece - you might recall that we had access to this level of funding back in April, when we commissioned a couple of pieces from Nozomi Matsuoka, but that was a couple of pieces and from an artist we had already worked with; and July was obviously a series of relatively simple illustrations. So we were all excited to see what kind of doors our larger budget could open for us.
The first such door was Hugh Hammons whose name - and work - you might recognize from the #arting channel of our Discord. We've long loved his environment concepts, so when we knew we could pay him something close to what his work is worth, we immediately contacted him and worked out a list of subjects he liked. Our patrons chose Urithiru as it appears in Shadesmar, we all got to work, and the rest is history. 
A digital illustration of Urithiru, as it appears in Shadesmar. The illustration is dominated by a colossal tower made of iridescent light, its shape somewhat reminiscent of Urithiru's tiered structure, but not quite the same as its look in the Physical Realm. The tower itself hovers in the air, its base tier transitioning from something like solid light, to something like a waterfall of light, to a few wispy tendrils of light that reach down to the ocean-looking sea of beads below. Above the base tier, the tower is a little more solid, more akin to a crystal illuminated from within; the highest tier is extra, almost unnaturally bright. Swarms of spren, red, yellow, and purple fly around the various tiers. In the foreground are two of Nohadon's Stairways, massive stone pillars with spiral walkways around them. On the obsidian ground around one of them are two tiny figures looking up at the tower, one in a blue Kholin uniform, the other with long red hair and a white coat.
The commission turned out way better than anyone had imagined it, and Hugh was gracious enough to scrap a few early designs that weren't quite working out - feel free to ask him for them. This final version achieves a perfect balance between the sheer sense of scale, with how big the Tower and the Oathgate pillars are, and the beautiful spectacle that is Urithiru in Shadesmar (or is it the Sibling? Who knows). 10/10 would admire the view.

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