Around the Cosmere: SE, MBI & Strategy RPs May

Hey Sharders! We’re back with Around the Cosmere and we’re updating you on SE, MBI, and the Strategy RPs again. This month we've seen a completely successful Eliminator team, several new SE games, and go more in depth into the rebellion in MBI. So let’s get to it!

Sanderson Elimination

The SE games have been very active in the last month. We’ve finished a number of games and started even more games. First off, though, we’ll cover the Mafia Championship we were invited to a month or two ago.

The Mafia Championship

Back in March, we were invited to take part in the third season of the Mafia Championship at Mafia Universe. We needed to select a champion to represent our games and send them on over to play. Using nominations and a poll, we finally chose Haelbarde to represent SE, and he played in the first game in the Championship. This game was a rather eye-opening experience to our players who were following along with it, but it was interesting seeing the cultural mingling between different elimination forums around the web. Both Dragonmount and the Malazan forums had representatives in that game, so it felt a little like a fantasy book head-to-head challenge. Hael was lynched early in the game, and he was a villager. While he was only in the game for a short period of time, he represented our community and forum well, keeping his cool in the face of unnecessary aggression, which was rather commendable.

Ultimately, the mafia won the game, with an impressive performance that only cost them one of their own.


Mid-Range 13: Treachery in the Terris Peaks lasted for about 3 weeks. The Traitors won that game, stopping the Loyal Terrismen and Alendi from releasing the power in the Well. The Traitors actually won it without losing a single member of their team, so quite a well-done job.

Long Game 20: Warcamp Enigmas is still in play. It started a little over a month ago and seems to be winding down. There are currently only 7 players left in the game, and 4 of the Ghostbloods have been killed, so the pressure is on for both the Nobles and the Ghostbloods. If you’d like to spectate the last little bit of this game, shoot a PM to Maill and he’ll get you added to the spec doc.

New Games

Quick Fix 15: Death Note was a game based on Death Note. The factions were Murderers (the good faction) versus the Shinigami and Death Note holders (the eliminator faction). The game ran for about a week, with the Shinigami and their respective Holders killing all of the Murderers and winning the game. It was a great game that lived up to the flavor of the anime (and there were a number of players/spectators who started watching the show because of the game).

Long Game 21: To Reforge a God is a game of Shards with many different alignments. All the known Shards are in the game, and most of them are aligned on the good faction, facing off against the Seventeenth Shard and Hoid, who have teamed up to kill everyone working with the Shards. Odium is working separate from the Sharders, trying to Shatter all the Shards (and then kill everyone). Autonomy is merely trying to convert everyone to be autonomous. And Survival simply wants to Survive. There are many different roles on the village side, and there are even some meta-roles in the game like a Troll that switches alignments every time he’s targeted, the Stick who is killed if Hoid targets him with any action, a Lifeless Commander who can only be killed during the day, and more. The game’s been running for about two weeks, and it’s been a fun one to watch. If you’d like to spectate the last bit of this game, PM Seonid and he’ll get you added to the doc.

Mid Range 14: The Canim Fury is a Codex Alera game that pits the Loyalists against the Traitors. All players are Furycafters, which provides a wide variety of different, highly powerful, abilities. The game has been running for just under a week (it started last Tuesday), and so far, out of the 18 players who started the game, 8 have died and 2 of those were Traitors. If you’d like to spectate this game, shoot a PM to either Haelbarde or Elbereth, and they’ll get you added to the doc.

In Sign-Ups

Long Game 22: Corenne al’Daishar is a Wheel of Time game that’s a rerun of Long Game 6. This game pits the Darkfriends and a Forsaken against the small village of Drell’s Crossing. Padan Fain is even hanging around too, corrupting the village’s inhabitants with Mashadar. There are roles like Channelers, Wolfbrothers/sisters, Thief-Takers, and more. The first run of this game was one of the best games we’ve had (both role-playing wise and fun-wise, since we ended up playing out part of Tarmon Gaidon in that little village), and I’ve no doubt that this one will be just as great. The game starts on Thursday, June 2, so if you’d like to sign up, take a look at the rules and post in the thread. If you’d like to spectate, shoot a PM to Gamma Fiend and he’ll get you a link to the doc.

Featured Game

Quick Fix 1: Jeskeri Mysteries was GMed by Tempus. We’d run 4 Long Games by that point in time, and Tempus suggested trying something new, with a quicker game that updated every 24 hours.

The setting for the game was at a trading outpost in the mountains in Duladel. It was winter, and all the characters were snowed in, but they quickly learn that there are Followers of the Mysteries holed up with the other travelers and traders. Each day, players voted to cast someone out into the weather to freeze.

12 players signed up for the game, and 3 of these were Followers of the Mysteries. There was 1 Priest of Jesker, who had the ability to scan people for the alignments, to see who was a Follower and who was not.

The Followers won the game without losing a single member, which made this game the first SE game in which the evil team pulled off a clean sweep. To this day, there are only about 6 games (out of over 50) that have managed a clean sweep. And this particular team pulled it off by saving the Priest--who was their biggest threat that game--for their final kill, which makes a clean sweep like that far more impressive.


And that’s all for SE this time around. Check back next month to hear more about the games we’ve got running and more. Now onto Comatose for the MBI update.

Mistborn: The Inquisition

Hello all! Comatose here again, and I’d like to give a big thank-you to Moru for covering for me last month, and to Little Wilson for letting me take some space in her column to showcase some of my favourite parts of Mistborn: The Inquisition. We’ve had two segments focusing on the nobility, so now I’d like to focus in on what’s going on with the Skaa Rebellion and a little bit about some other skaa characters. If you missed our first segment, you can find a general description of Mistborn: The Inquisition and what it is about there.

As I mentioned in my first post, the Skaa Rebellion was started by the enigmatic Ignas, a former obligator whose faith in the Lord Ruler and the Final Empire has been seriously challenged. His true motives for starting the rebellion remain unclear, but his actions suggest that he may not be intending to improve the lives of the Skaa. Readers of Mistborn: The Final Empire will know that, since the Empire is still around at the beginning of the trilogy, the rebellion in Mistborn: The Inquisition is doomed to be a failure that will be covered up by the Lord Ruler’s propaganda team. How they get there, however, is part of the fun!

The rebellion is divided into three major cells that operate largely independently of one another, and Ignas is one of the few to know of the location and work of all three major cells, as well as the many smaller cells. Lan’s Shop, home to Perrin, the rebellion’s Mistborn, is a centre for raids and other covert operations. Veil’s Brothel focuses on gathering intelligence from its noble patrons, and also serves as a hub for the rebel intelligence network. The third major cell, operating out of House Ellesmere, is the most mysterious of the three, and has not featured prominently into the story line at this point.

The rebels have staged a variety of attacks thus far, but their most notable accomplishments thus far have been the alleged murders of Lords Lucius and Julian Casuana, and their attack on the Casuana Ball. The Casuana Ball Raid in particular served to bring the Rebellion out of the shadows, and the attack on a major Great House while it hosted Luthadel’s most important nobles is a considerable accomplishment.

Featured Thread: “I Haven’t Got Enough Boxings to Buy a New Dress”

This thread introduces Klyde, a skaa crewleader who has returned to Luthadel after a long absence chasing after Delissia, who he perceives to be the woman of his dreams. In this thread, Klyde seeks information about his wayward on-again-off-again girlfriend from Cassi, a skaa informant who is really Mistborn Camille Deveaux in disguise. Though drunk, Klyde does his best to bumble through the conversation with Cassi, and the thread also provides readers with a good orientation of what the buzz is in Luthadel. Cassi and Klyde’s exchange of information continues in “Gremlin Hunt,” where Klyde tries to get more information from Cassi about Delissia, while Khaelys and Zincell, two potential recruits for Klyde’s new thieving crew, tag along.

Though Klyde was experienced in Luthadel’s ways in his youth, he has been absent from the city for some time, and whether or not his new crew will rise to the heights his old crew was accustomed to remains to be seen.

Featured Rebel Cell: The Brothel

As I mentioned above in the general overview, the Brothel is a hub for Rebellion intelligence gathering. The head of security, Trevelan, serves as a liaison with Ignas and other rebel cells. A capable instructor, Trev often trains new recruits, and dreams of reconnecting with his long-lost daughter, Nell. Liss, a newly recruited brothel worker who does not realize she is an allomancer, originally joined the rebellion to escape from working in a brothel, only to end up working in a rebel cell hidden in a brothel. Daphne, a smoker, is another brothel worker with an altruistic streak who is determined to do what she can to make a difference in the lives of the skaa, however she can. Valerre, a self-serving rioter, only works for the rebellion because of his loyalty to Daphne, and would prefer to spend his time utilizing his charms and alomancy to chase after handsome noblemen. Many of the brothel plotlines are in their infancy, so it’s a great place to get started with new characters if you are interested in playing a rebel.

Featured Characters: Perrin and Nessa


Perrin is the rebellion most valuable member, their sole Mistborn. The son of a minor Venture and a skaa woman, Perrin bears many similarities to Kelsier, but the differences that set him apart make him fascinating to read about. Though he has a lighthearted and carefree attitude, Perrin is ruthless towards nobles, and anyone else who threatens the people he loves. He often butts heads with Ignas, but his irreplaceable status means Ignas is forced to put up with him.

Nessa is a newly recruited pewterarm, just beginning to figure out if she has what it takes to be a rebel. New to alomancy and to the rebellion, Nessa has a lot to learn. Both residents of Lan’s Shop, Perrin started training Nessa how to use her new abilities, and the two have since begun a romantic relationship. Sporting the nicknames “Buckets” and “Sweets”, Perrin and Nessa have become one of Mistborn: The Inquisitions most interesting couples.

As the rebellion continues, Nessa will be forced to question how far she is willing to go as she follows Ignas’s orders, and both her and Perrin’s commitment to the cause will be tested. Stay tuned for more!

For now, check out one of my favourite exchanges between the pair:

"Fine. You asked for it, Buckets!"

Nessa shot up onto her knees and drew her hand back for a playful smack. That hand made it to a spot about halfway between the two of them when she realized it was still clinging to the baywrap she'd been eating earlier.

Nessa just stopped dead for a long moment, blinked at the meal she'd previously forgotten about, then settled back into a seated position yet again and took a healthy-sized bite out of the thing.

"You got lucky," she told him when she could talk well enough for him to understand her. "I hate wasting food."


Anyways, that’s it for now! I hope you enjoyed, and stay tuned for more MBI nonsense :).

Strategy RPs

Heirs to the Final Empire

Heirs to the Final Empire is entering Turn 3 of Generation 8, which means there are only a little more than 2 generations left until Kelsier’s crew takes over and upends the Final Empire. Most of the game’s workings takes place behind the scenes in PMs though, and there haven’t been any events in the last month. However, I hear that interesting things are in the works for the setting, so if you’d like to join the game, now’s the time. PM Wyrm or post in this thread about running your own House in Luthadel starting in Generation 9 (should be in about 2 weeks).

Supremacy of Arelon

In the past month in fight for Arelon, there have been 3 game years of war, which have seen the fall of another 8 kingdoms. Three more players have been wiped from the game from those 8, leaving about 6-7 players left in the game. So half of the starting players have been killed. Year 12 is about to start, and it will no doubt lead to more player deaths, kingdoms falling, and perhaps even an alliance or two. But the question remains: who will be the supreme ruler of Arelon? Watch the thread or check back in next month for another update.

Thanks for checking in with Around the Cosmere. That’s all for this installment, but next week, Feather will be back to cover Tumblr and more. See you then!

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