Around the Cosmere 1/26/12

Hello, and welcome to our semi-weekly dosage of intrigue, gossip and manipulations! Err, I mean to Around the Cosmere! You'll laugh! You'll cry! You'll get really sick of exclamation points!

The big thing that we have to announce is that Brandon is answering questions on He's already given some really interesting answers (like how nicrosil only affects allomantic metals, why Harmony doesn't like to intervene, and lingusitics of Alloy of Law). So go ahead and join the fun!

Brandon has been pretty active online. First off, in his updates, he's posted the last chapter of Mythwalker, which has early elements of several of his books. He's put up two collections of Twitter posts, and the first Alcatraz annotation.

He's also posted some fan art, promoted Pat Rothfuss's Worldbuilder's charity with some very very beautiful editions of The Gathering Storm and Towers of Midnight, and worked on the script for the Mistborn Video Game.

We actually have quite a bit of information about the video game from a recent signing with Brandon. Let me pull it up.

A. The video game is coming along very nicely. In fact, earlier just this week I built the whole plot sequence for that. It’s going to have some really good twists and turns and theoretically, if it works well, I will be writing all the dialogue and all the story.

Q. Which is more on your plate.

A. Which is more on my plate. But that can be fun, because the main character is a really sarcastic kind of a little bit of a jerk. And so I can actually write his dialogue on napkins while I’m sitting, waiting and be like “Alright, here’s a good line,” and things like that. That’s because most of it is gameplay. I have to just come up with lots of good wisecracks and then of course, I have to write the cutscenes. But those really aren’t that much of a game like this. It’s maybe a week’s worth of work to get all of that written.

Q. How long before is the game going to be? I remember you saying it was going to be before Final Empire, but I was wondering how long before?

A. We are shooting for second century after The Lord Ruler’s Ascension.

He has also said that it will at least be on the PC and Xbox, and that Brandon thinks it should come out Summer/Fall 2013. Announcements should come in February sometime.

Other twitter information: SwiftxJustice asked: Could Allomancy affect a shardblade/plate?

Brandon's answer: No. Investiture interfers with most magics.

And then of course there's one that has some of us scrambling:

"Multiple people from Mistborn show up in Way of Kings."

Now there are two possibilities for this. One is that Hoid and Demoux are the two people that are in Mistborn and Way of Kings. Two is that we missed someone, and that we need to do a readthrough and see if we can't find anyone. For more discussion on this, check out the end of this thread.

Speaking of threads, the Alethi (WoK) font and transliteration (converting English spelling into Alethi spelling) is getting better and better, so if you haven't yet, give it a look.

Come back next week(ish) in Around the Cosmere, where hopefully we will unveil a project that we've been working on with Theoryland that will put the Brandonothology to shame. It's incredible, and it should be up and running soon.

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