Well of Ascension Leatherbound, Mistborn 1 Leatherbound Back In Stock

It's time: the Well of Ascension Leatherbound edition is here!  Like the Elantris and Mistborn: The Final Empire leatherbounds, it is expensive but gorgeous. This edition has apparently 24 pages of art which has some brand-new artwork, three maps of the Final Empire, and the Feruchemical table. Personalized copies might not arrive before Christmas, but if you want the book itself, that should arrive before Christmas with priority shipping.

Let's show off some of this art. Howard Lyon, who did some Oathbringer endpapers, did this:

woa endpapers.jpg

And here is two pieces of new art: the left is Vin vs. Koloss by Charles Tan, and on the right is Heir of the Survivor by Miranda Meeks. (Yay Miranda Meeks!)

woa leatherbound image.jpg

Lastly, the Mistborn: The Final Empire leatherbound edition is back in stock at last. I know many have asked about this, and now it's finally here.


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I found this on Howard Lyon's Facebook Page

Image may contain: 1 person, standing

Looks like the full picture is both the front and back end papers, and is titled "One Less Threat".

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So pumped to keep building what is going to be such a gorgeous shelf of leatherbound cosmere books. Love that this one matches the Mistborn: Final Empire edition so that once the whole Cosmere is done it will be so easy to distinguish series. 


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