Warbreaker Leatherbound Preorders, Mistborn Dice Kickstarter Up, Livestream with Isaac

Today, Warbreaker leatherbound preorders went up! Dragonsteel is teaming up with a variety of bookstores to do the preorders. See below at the bottom of this post on Brandon's site for up-to-date links where you can preorder the book. This year, they are doing something different for damage prevention and numbering. They are going to pre-sign and number all books before binding them, so each book can be shrink-wrapped and individually boxed. This means they can't offer personalizations, but you'll get a book in the best condition.

If you haven't seen any of the art from the Warbreaker leatherbound, it's pretty amazing:

wb leatherbound 1.jpg

wb leatherbound 2.jpg

Mistborn Dice Kickstarter

This week, the Mistborn metal dice Kickstarter went live. Though they are a bit pricy at $180 for a full set, these are extremely high quality dice. I've received some--which you'll see on Shardcast this week--and they are weighty, solid, and very much full metal dice, plated to look like the metal on the die itself. Good stuff! You get 20 dice with that $180 tier: all 16 base metals, atium, malatium, lerasium, and harmonium. The project is also nearly funded three times over, so if you're interested and have some extra cash, go support them!

Additionally, they will do a livestream tomorrow morning, Thursday, November 21st, at 9am Pacific with Isaac Stewart to talk about the symbols on the dice! 

If you're curious, here are all the dice. Yes, they are pretty fabulous:


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Did they end up using the sparkly rainbow paper for Warbreaker? I didn’t see it mentioned on Brandon’s website, so I don’t know whether to assume they were able to use it or not.


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