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Tor Announces Full Dawnshard Release on November 9th


Today, Tor Books announced that Dawnshard's full release will happen on November 9th. The announcement has few details that we didn't already know, but I presume that will mean you can find Dawnshard in regular bookstores and that we'll be getting the audiobook release of the book as well, which I know many of you have been waiting for! So that's good news all around.

Of course, uh, you can already buy Dawnshard right now, as Dragonsteel Entertainment released it with The Way of Kings leatherbound Kickstarter. You can literally order a physical copy of it right now, though Dragonsteel won't be reprinting it when its stock runs out. You can also buy the ebooks of Dawnshard on your favorite ebook platform, and you've been able to since November 2020. Presumably, there will be a point where the ebooks from Dragonsteel will go defunct, and Tor will be handling all the future publishing of Dawnshard in the US, and so maybe new ebook listings will come up. It's amusing that Tor's announcement doesn't mention the fact that Dawnshard has been out for a while, but hey, it's marketing, so that's fine.

It doesn't look like Dawnshard has made it to Gollancz (Brandon's UK publisher) yet, but I imagine they will also release it sometime this fall.

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Between Dawnshard's full physical release, the Wheel of Time's premiere, and Cytonic's release, Brandon will rule November! 

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