Skyward Flight: The Collection is Out Today, Stream with Janci Tonight!

You've been waiting for a physical editions for the three Skyward Flight novellas that came out late last year, and today Skyward Flight: The Collection is out! You can get a hardcover or an ebook with all three of the novellas: Sunreach, ReDawn, and Evershore. The hardcover is just $20 on Amazon (and about the same price on Barnes and Noble), with the ebook at $12. You can also get a signed hardcover off Brandon's store, or get the Gollancz paperback off Book Depository.

We found the Skyward Flight novellas to be a fantastic trilogy of stories, and an important part of the Skyward series. Janci Patterson co-wrote these with Brandon, and we felt she did an excellent job. These fill a big hole in the mainline novels, and if you like Skyward, absolutely pick these up. I liked this more than Cytonic too! ReDawn and Evershore are just incredible. I think it is best to read all these either before Cytonic, or directly after Cytonic. So really, at $12 or $20 dollars, you can't go wrong, especially because these three together are longer than any individual Skyward book! 

Lastly, Janci Patterson will be on a stream on Brandon's YouTube channel tonight, at the usual stream time 6pm Mountain time (5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern), which will go for two hours. You can put questions for the stream in this Reddit thread!


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