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Shadows of Self Chapter 3 Posted and Upcoming Ben McSweeney AMA!


Shadows of Self is officially less than a month away! (Check our post here to see Brandon's tour schedule.) With the hype starting to tick up Tor.com has posted Chapter 3 (following their release of the prologue and Chapters 1 and 2 a couple months ago). Check the preview out here! (Do note that a version of this was posted as part of 2013's Steelhunt, but this does cover the last of the Steelhunt excerpt. So if anymore previews are posted it will be entirely new material.)

In other news Ben McSweeney, cosmere artist extraordinaire, will be doing an AMA over on reddit at /r/fantasy on October 6 (i.e. the release day for Shadows of Self). Ben is the artist responsible for Shallan's Sketchbook pages in The Stormlight Archive, the broadsheets in The Alloy of Law (and Shadows of Self), artwork for Crafty Games' Mistborn Adventure Game, as well as being the illustrator for The Rithmatist.

Check out our forum topics here to discuss the chapter preview, or here to discuss Ben's AMA!


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