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Nine Defiant Preview Chapters Now Available!


Rejoice, Cytoverse readers! The full release of Defiant, the finale to the Skyward series, is coming up soon - just two weeks away, can you believe it? But if you absolutely can't wait those two weeks, don't worry; the publisher's got you covered.

Penguin Random House has released a new Look Inside feature for Defiant, which includes the prologue and the first eight chapters of the book. You can read it right here! Keep in mind, though, if you're on the phone - for some reason, the Look Inside is not available in the mobile view of the site. You will have to switch to desktop view in order to open it.

Since the previews are out and the book releases so soon, we are getting our spoiler channels and forums up and running. Here, you can discuss the preview chapters (and the full book, once it's out) in the Defiant sub-forum. On Discord, you can do so in the #defiant-spoilers channel. 

Happy reading!


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The sample of Apple Books let me read farther I think, so if you have an Apple device, check it out there also! 

EDIT: Nevermind, the one you link is better!

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