Legion Standalones On Sale

Earlier this week Tor.com announced that the third and final installment of the Legion series will be coming as both a standalone novel (Legion: Lies of the Beholder) and as a part of Legion: The Many Lives of Stephen Leeds, a single volume that delivers all three Legion books under one gorgeous cover. 

In preparation for this, Dragonsteel Entertainment has slashed the prices of the first two Legion books significantly. The original Legion hardcover is down to $8 (from $15), while its sequel, Legion: Skin Deep sits at $12 (down from $20). 

If you are interested in preordering either one of the new releases, Subterranean Press launched their preorders just a couple of days ago. These include the incredibly rare (and expensive, and gorgeous, and out of stock already...) lettered edition, as well as the more common but still limited edition exclusive hardcover (which is still in stock). Both can be found here: https://subterraneanpress.com/legion-lies-of-the-beholder

If you are interested in the collection instead, it looks like Amazon is the only vendor offering it at the moment: http://a.co/gxewFwD


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