Bookstore Listings for Secret Projects Coming Wednesday, We Will No Longer Treat Them as Spoilers

At the Lost Metal release event, Brandon had an announcement regarding Secret Projects. Tor and Gollancz (Brandon's US and international publishers) will have sale links for the Secret Project physical editions that will appear in bookstores out on Wednesday, November 16th in the US. Each one will release after the Kickstarter, so for Secret Project 1, backers get it in January, but the Tor physical release in April. Secret project 2 will be June 2023, SP3 in October 2023, and SP4 January 2024.

Importantly, the bookstore links for these wide releases WILL have the titles for the Secret Projects on these listings, so you will almost assuredly see them incidentally when searching, say, Brandon Sanderson on Amazon. Brandon said they tried to work with publishers to deal with this, but it was not possible. Brandon will still use the "Secret Project 1" names in his videos and social media pages until the book formally releases, and then he will use their official titles.

We have previously treated the Secret Project titles as spoilers that need to be spoiler tagged except in the relevant Secret Project areas, but ultimately, with how many people will surely see these listings of the books, it will be impossible to force people to keep these secret. As such, we are changing that policy when listings come out and these titles will be treated not as a spoiler, like any other book title would be.

On 17th Shard's official things, such as news articles, social media, YouTube videos or podcasts, we will still not display the official Secret Project names, but it will likely be impossible for you to not learn of the names eventually.


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