Badali Cosmere Jewelry Sale (Until November 22nd)

Badali Jewelry, makers of all sorts of amazing jewelry from the cosmere, from Stormlight, Mistborn, and Elantris, is having a fall sale until November 22nd. Not everything is on sale, but a lot is, from the Steel Alphabet rings we reported on, Aon pendants, Cosmere symbol pendants (which I am currently lusting about), and also some pins. There's a huge variety of things there. Be sure to check them out.

We know this stuff can be a bit expensive, but just know that these items are extremely high quality. I love all three of the Aon pendants I have. These Jes and Shash pendants and pins look awesome, and I'd probably already have them if I wore pendants more. 

If you have any interest in these items, now is definitely the time to grab them. Aon pendants are regularly $57 with enamel and the ones on sale are $45. Most on sale items seem about $10 off, which is a big deal when they are regularly $50-$60. Some particular items that are not on sale, however, are Allomantic symbol earrings, which are also cool. 

cosmere sale 1.jpg

cosmere sale 2.jpg

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I love Bedali jewelry and I hope they get plenty of business from this… but if any of you order an Aon Ene necklace with white enamel, I might need to hunt you down. :ph34r:

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