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In keeping with the theme of the origami whitespine, I decided to take a shot at making an axehound. This one uses the same base as the whitespine, but only uses one square of paper. I will eventually make one in actual origami paper, but for now it'll be in printer paper. As always, if you want to see how it's made, or make your own, I can make a diagram for it. Hope you like it!

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I'll make it my next project.

Sorry for the double comment, but having said that, the instructions are four pages long and I'm not sure whether I'm allowed to make eight uploads as part of the same thing. Since I don't want one file that takes up 12 computer screens, I'm leaning towards doing separate pictures. If I'm not allowed to make separate uploads for the same thing, somebody let me know, please. If nobody answers in a few days, I'll post them separately anyway. Thanks!


EDIT: Alright, the problem has been resolved. My instructions are on this thread:http://www.17thshard.com/forum/topic/41844-cosmere-origami/

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